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November 01, 2010


Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Halloween is my favorite time of the year... sadly more then my Birthday.
I love to dress up and Halloween give me the perfect opportunity to be as free as I want to be, without any staring eyes who looked at me as if I'm crazy.

But, sadly this year... I wasn't on  my 100%.  I was sick that week. but, alas... I keep on chugging all my meds, resting and even take days off from work so I'll be ready for Halloween. Oh! yes! I look forward for Halloween BADLY!

Since I was bed resting, I didn't have time to prepared my outfit, not even the theme. Last minute decision I choose Pirate look. I went to a costume rental, and yey! no pirate outfit available (-__-!!) . so I ended up renting Gypsy blouse and obi ( I have few of pirate stuff in my room). Mix-match. Taraaaa.... I look like a pirate gypsy!

I went with my girls to X2 Club ( I went there last year, had a blast time!!) X2 decor the entry hallway like entering a Haunted house. There couple of bloody ghost standing against the wall trying to look all scary and frighten all the clubbers who are entering. As I walk in, acting so cool and tough as a pirate should be, I felt someone grabbing my leg & successfully made me scream like a little girl I am inside. It was one of the bloody ghost sitting on the floor. She did a good job.

No, she didn't scare me. She caught me off guard *cough cough

I ask her to pose with me afterward

with Kuntilanak *if I'm not mistaken
Pirate and anime french maid? not sure but look very Harajuku

with the girls
 X2 was pack! so crowded.
There's no place to dance but you can see that people are having so much fun, dancing, drinking, and taking pictures (with random people with cool costume!) guess with all the disaster happening in Indonesia lately people take this as an opportunity just go out, have fun and be crazy.

I didn't drink alcohol that night. Don't want to upset my recovering stomach.
after awhile, my friend ask me and Ms. C (we were dancing on the stage) to change venue.
They want to go to 36.


I ask Ms. P about that place and where it is. She just said "it's a groovy place in Kota"

hummm... I never been there, and what I learn from my experience. All clubs and Bar in Kota are... how do you say this in a good way... "dirty" in a fun kinda way, depend on how you enjoy yourself.

but she promise me that there'll be a good show to watch. We left X2 and head to 36.


Cut to the chase... I only stayed there for 30-45min. Place was sucks! BIG time. Live band singing Indonesian lousy song and no striptease!!!.. hahaha. I am disappointed. So, we left, leaving some of the girls behind... we were planning to head back to X2 when I recieve a text from a friend, Mr. A telling me to meet him and T-rex in Kampus. So off we gooooo to Kampus...

Meet up with Mr. A and T-rex, not a lot of people dress up in Kampus. Mostly the staff all doll up and dress up. I was one of the only people the who wear costume from head to toe.. since it's Halloween I feel I'm the coolest person in the dancefloor.. (trying to convince myself)

We dance and dance.. the music is great, the DJ was Hot and Pretty. Then Ms. C came and said  she wanted to go home it was 4.30 am (whoaaa O__o). My girls left

I stayed and dance. Kampus is so dark, they covered the window with thick color curtain, make you unsure what time it is especially when you're drunk or high. but since I was completely sober.. I notice. It was 5.30 am when I decided to go home. I left without saying goodbye to my dear T-rex, cus' I will know he'll make me stayed even longer and I love him to much to say "no" (T-rex is one of my dear my relative, don't get any ideas hahaha)

I called the cab company service to pick me up at Menara Imperium.
The Operator ask my description, I ask "how I look like?" "yes, so the driver can identify you, mam"
"uhmmm,.. a pirate", I say quietly.  He giggled (-__-) " Halloween ya?" "yes".

as I waiting for my cab, I notice that the parking area in front of the lobby is still full. I wonder how many people still have their adrenaline pump beside Mr. A and T-rex. I guess all.. hahahaha

the lobby outside. my eyes are burning.. and look all those car.
One of the real reason I went home beside I have to go to the gym at 1 pm was because I'm verrrryy hunggryyyyyyy... Before I got home, I drop by to buy some pancakes to take away for breakfast.

Got home around 6 am, my mum was up already.. thank God I didn't get home drunk, dragging my ass on the pathway. She should be proud of me, haha. I eat my breakfast. went to sleep at 7 am. It was a tiring night, 3 clubs in 1 night.

I love my life. Tired but loving it.
and I can't wait for Halloween next year.
hopefully I will be healthy

Thats all for now, hope you have a great Halloween *hugs


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