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December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Dinner 2010

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Sorry I haven't post any new update nor have I drink any cocktail this month. booooo.. I know
I just been detoxing myself from alcohol before and after my surgery (of course it didn't help much) but I like to think that I've been a good kid so I deserve to be better and get good result from all the medical test..

only until Christmas eve dinner I drank wine ;-D

My old ice skating friends, sister and I meet up at Birdcage in Panglima Polim. We have booked the place weeks in advance. Just to be safe.
I haven't met them in quite sometime so this small Christmas eve dinner is perfect to catch up and to celebrate.

I have pick my outfit couple days before the dinner, but found out that the dress-code is white at the last minute. "Will I have the time to pick a new outfit?"
I feel sorry for myself the next day when I look into my closet. TITANIC

I was feeling pretty that night (I was wearing my Steve!). 
I got to Birdcage by cab.
Got there exactly on time.. 

The atmosphere - cozy, lights everywhere and I can hear live-music softly *I was on the first floor.

I ask the waiter, booking under Ms.K's name. They guide me to the second level.

Ms. K and Mr. Ind was there already sipping their red wine.
I sit myself and we start to chat. I hang out with Ms. K and Mr. Ind a lot so we just update our life, mostly work related. You see, Ms. K used to work at the same company as I am. But she left.. so I just share her some of the juicy gossip at work :-p

After awhile my sister arrive with Ms. Ri. My sister just got back from working part-time for this holiday season
We start to order food, cus' we just found out that the rest of the guess will come a bit later.
either still in church or work.

I order some berries pancake (I already ate some dinner) 
So, it's time for dessert..

We talk, chat, gossip. Mostly about Sky Rink *where we all start ice-skating
There been quite a family scandal been happening.. and what better time to talk and discuss about it :-D

Then my sister boyfriend came along with Ms. Cit
we order food again. 
Then Mr. Ag came with her boyfriend. (I heard about his boyfriend but I never met him before) So that night was my first. Cute, nice, good manner.. I'm happy for Mr. Ag

When everyone finally gathered
AND it's time for Ms. Cit to spill her gossip. We haven't meet with Ms. Cit for quite sometime.
and turns out she have a son, a cute one. 

We laugh, we joke around. 
You can feel the joy and happiness around the table. 

One thing to be noted that night:

it was only Mr. Ag and his boyfriend who celebrate Christmas. 
The rest was Muslim, Hindu/Buddha. but you can feel the love in that table.

I love how people from different background, different gender, different ethnic, gay/straight and different religion gathered and unite as one, as friends.
We all different but we are all creature of God. 

I just wish sometime we can do this more often..

Have a Merry Christmas