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July 22, 2011

Blogger Inspired: 2 *Watermelon Granita*

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

It's Friday  ( yey !! )
This week my blogger inspired came from Michelle from That's so Michelle

One day I came home from work and throw everything I carry onto my bed. Feeling tired and hungry
I walk towards the fridge.
I open
Then I saw this half watermelon, and instantly something click in my head. I've been reading Michelles blog and I remember her super easy recipes with watermelon.

"mum are you gonna use this watermelon??!!", I shouted still glaring at the juicy watermelon
"you can have them S, what are you going to do with it?"
"watermelon granita", I whisper

Watermelon Granita

via That's so Michelle
This is what you need:

 4 cups (1 3/4 pounds) cubed seedless watermelon (from a 4-lb. melon)
 1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

What to do:

Purée all ingredients in a blender (I used a food processor) until smooth. Pour into a 9x9x2" metal baking pan. Freeze mixture for 1 hour. Stir, mashing any frozen parts with the back of a fork. Cover and freeze mixture until firm, might as well leave it over night.

Using a fork, scrape granita vigorously to form icy flakes. Can be made 3 days ahead. Cover tightly with foil and keep frozen. Give it a quick scrape before serving.

I addapt this recipes from Michelle but instead of using fresh lime juice I use sour orange slices since at that moment I don't have any lime and it's too late to buy one.
I didn't measure at all I just use my hungry instinct
hahaha ..

It's super easy
basically like making a watermelon juice and freeze it.

my simple version of watermelon granita
it's sweet
it's easy
and it's icy

perfect for hot summer day.

Thanks Michelle


July 18, 2011

Bettys Macaroons

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

My Brother was here couple weeks ago, he flew all the way to Indonesia from England just to bring me Bettys Macaroons.... No, just kidding.

He was here to attend his son, my nephew wedding ( he is marrying my best-friend since primary school ) (huh?)
hahaha.. It's quite complicated. Me and my Brother are 20-30yrs old age different.. you do the math. :-P

But I'll tell you about my family tree another time.
my first ever macaroons
When he was here, he brings me these Bettys Macaroons. Handmade..
He told me the history about Bettys cafe, how when he was young he like to go to Bettys, how it reminds him of his childhood memories.. how Big and expensive Bettys have become.

I never had/eat macaroons before .. it's not something you can found easily in here. I'm sure they have it in certain places, but I just never intrigue by it.
So, this was my first

And I can't wait to have my first bite . . .

lemon? chocolate? strawberry? green tea?? I hv no idea

So without further ado.. after my Brother left to the apartment he was staying.. I went to my room. I slowly open the wrapping paper. How cute it looks like. Love the summery colors.

I took it and adore it.
and I open my watery mouth.. and had my first bite.

"this is it ????"

I thought there would be magic when I ate it. I expect fireworks shooting out off my mouth

But nothing happen
I pick the yellow for my first option, I'm guessing it's Lemon from the sourness.

Curious, I pick the pink next, I assume its strawberry... taste a little better
then the green and ate the chocolate for last. AND I LIKE IT

I likey the chocolate !!

I finish it all, but I'm still curious . . I want more. I want to try more macaroons. I want to taste other flavors.

"Craviinnggsssss.. ! !" (little britain style)

Now I can't take this round beauty out of my mind.
Damn those macaroons!!!



July 07, 2011

Office Look.2

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

It was just an ordinary day, with an extraordinary mood

Last night, I found a wired-bandanna belong to my baby sister. It's super cute, I ignore the fact it's now trending for a 14-16 years old kids around Jakarta. We call them AGJ (Anak Gaul Jakarta) lil' annoying bunch of kids who thinks they're cool with their high-pitch-giggle..

My sister is not a 16yrs old girl, she's like ... ehmm... wait... 20's something but she dress like 30 yrs old something. So to know that she have this wired-AGJ-bandanna I was like "whaaaaaattttt????"

this was my office look of the day.

I stole (borrowed) one, the 1 look less teenagery and more vintage.
I wore my white shirt, big belt and my high waist pants (I have them since I was 15) and still fits me perfectly *I wonder if I ever grow hummm ...

I look like an American house-wife 1950's (awesome) or a rabbit .....

How was your day?


July 06, 2011

Samosa ... !!!

Dear Cocktail,

Yesterday we got this BIG mysterious box delivered to our office..

and all packages, letters that tend to our office, must go through me...but this mysterious cartoon box there was no indication who it's from and who it is for...

I weight it
I shake it
I smell it
I wiggle it
(to make sure it's not gonna explode) *how brave am I? :-P

After life threatening inspection I went back to back office area, then the GA shout, "ah, that the package I've been waiting. it's from my Aunt, her driver must have drop it here"

"oh, what is it?", I ask curiously
"its Samosa, my aunt made it"
"hummm.. what's a samosa?"
"it's an Indian appetizer"

I stand next to him, looking at him and batting my eyelashes, putting my best grin on, rocking myself back and front.

"Yes S, you may try them", GA

YEY !!

When we open it.. the sweet warm Indian spices aroma filled our small area.
the box was full of it !!!! Saaammooosaaaa......

mine, mine, mine, mine , mine, mine

pic taken from my mobile cam, not bad eh'
I ate 1 .. 2 .... 3 ... 4 ... and I lost count

I look on online recipes on how to make samosa, but apparently GA aunty samosa is a bit different from what I look online.
First she used french fries and no peas ..
whatever she puts inside it this samosa isssss guuuuudddd
I even bring home and share it with my family, and everyone loving it. *seriously 

Another addicting Indian dish. Nyum

Have a good day.. Cheers