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February 29, 2012

Valentines Bento

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

What did you guys did on valentines?
I know this valentines post is late, but better late then never... plus it's still the month of looovveee..

I never was the type of person who are really into the whole Valentines idea. love the history of St. Valentine but I believe everyday should filled with love. There won't be any surprise romantic dinner on Valentines or such cus nowdays all girls are expecting something on valentines.

But, this year I'm planning something different.
Me and my boy, are planning a Bento Battle. For those who don't know about Japanese Bento lunch box. Google it.. haha. It's like a super "kawai" lunch box, you made yourself. could be a game character or animal.
I've been awed by Bento lunch box for awhile now..
but I always thought to myself "daymn how many hours do I need to make one, I dont have that much time in the morning"

This Idea for valentines come up, while me and my boy having lunch together. We work at the same office, and 90% I always bring my own lunch box. So why don't this valentines, we make bento for each other ( I love eating his fried rice lunch box. He's good in making friend rice. Sometimes we switch lunch boxes)
but to make it special.. we will make it a battle. The audience fav is the winner. The audience the other office staffs.


A day before valentines... somehow everyone knows that we're making a bento battle, and they get exited. And I got more pressure to perform well. F*ck!!!

I mean, I'm a virgo.. if you believe those astrological bull (which I do). Virgo is known for the perfectionism.
So I youtube, bought all the supplies (which I also share with him. fair game) I went home, design the bento and prepare few of the decoration.

I woke up at 4.30 AM ( I usually wake up around 6AM) I fried cut boiled and I didn't cut myself. yey
I love baking but cooking.. is not my forte'.. :-p

I got the the office and most of the staff were like.."I wanna see", but I waited till my boy got to the office..
and this is how it looks like

Bento by me, the rice suppose to be His face. but the fishball is my fav

This is what he made for me.. full of sausages, grill heart tomato cherry.

Overall we ask ALL the staff including my branch manager, and our security guy.. I win only by one point.

but we didn't eat it straight away, we ate it at lunch.. and OH.. how my heart breaks when I saw him scoop the rice. lol.. I don't have the heart to eat mine, but I eat it anyway (a girl gotta eat)

SO, our valentines ended up with a full stomach... and dark round eyes (needd moooreee sleeep)

I AM NOT gonna make this bento anytime sooner, maybe on weekend picnic.

Have you ever make a bento?? will you try to make one??
Have a good nite!



February 28, 2012

Follow me with BlogLovin

 Dear Mr. Cocktail,

I'm still learning this blog thingy..
I know.. "where have I been".. well to tell you the truth, I wasn't a big blog reader until recently.
The blog world has captivated me and I want to be part of it.

I followed a lot of bloggers from blogspot and bloglovin, I read all their post! I mean it..
I don't always comment, since I sometime don't know what to say or I'm afraid the comment I leave would sound silly etecera.

But for those who follow me.. Thank you, and I will always follow you back.
and I read all of your post.

Thank you,
Have a great day


February 19, 2012

Maher Zain in Concert

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Last October 2011, I'm lucky enough to watch Maher Zein concert when he visit Indonesia.

It wasn't the greatest concert, not because Maher sings badly or anything, just because the event organizer did a horrible job!!! almost 2 hours delayed!!!! 

Anyway here is some pictures.. :-)

Before the show start
and there he is
Yup, my friend cried watching him
I personally thinks he is good looking


I Love my green turban,  but it's not very easy to combine with my other outfit.. I'll try different style next time
What's you suggestion?

Have a good night

February 09, 2012

Another Hens Night + Hair Bow

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Costume party always been my favorite event. I really like to dress up, but I guess you have figure it out :-)
But, waiting for Halloween to come is waayy to long for me..
So, guess you can imagine how excited I was when one of my girl friend invite me to a Hens Night !!!

She was one of my friend since primary school, and one of the girls ask for my suggestion for the theme of the party, easyly I said, "back to the old days, 80's"

We are all born on the 80's-something and I thought it was just a fun theme.. (plus I love vintage stuff haha)
I was planning to look like Katy Perry on Last Friday Night Look, but change on the last minute to this:

I'm wearing my mum old jeans, vintage shirt, and my geeky glasses
I found a super cute Hair Bow tutorial on Youtube, it's suupppeerrr easy!!!
My bow-hair totally made my look, don't you think so??

Here's the video I was talking about;


 I really love this hair look, but I don't think this I can use this hair look daily.. and I can't wait to try this look again and "wow" my friends :-D

Gud night and sweet dreams..

January 31, 2012

New Me, New Hair

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

How have you been? I've been good. Got my life back on track now.. and I hope it stays that way.
I'm still busy like always, but don't worry even tho' I'm a bad blogger but I'm still a loyal reader. I read all.. ALL blogs that I'm following hehehe... and I think it's about time for me to post something.

So, there something new about me...
I'm blonde!!!!!! yikes. ha ha

"toilet shot!!"
The last time I dye my hair was when I was still in junior high and that time I dyed my hair chocolate brown.. I never never dyed my hair with any bright color. this is my first time

So when I went to my friend Coco Carol Salon, when I got there the hairdresser called my hair "the Virgin Hair".. sound so saintly, and they're about to deflower my virgin hair :-P

They wash they dyed, and dyed .. it took them 5 hours. I was dying of boredom!!

I was freakin' out at this point (before the highlights)
after all the highlights and blow-dry. I'm finally blonde.

My family hated my new hair color hahahaha.. but my co-workers and most of my friend prefer me as blonde. They said it suits me better..

I never cared much about my hair, I just wash them and conditioner. Now, I have to treat my hair like princess.. give them hair treatment, hair spa, hair mask, vitamins oil just to maintain it silkiness.. it's so dry (I didn't bleach them. It was not necessary)

I just read Habibi Organic Beauty post, can't wait to try olive oil treatment for my hair :-)

Which one do you prefer? blondie me? or brunette me?

My old hair color
Have a great day,