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June 28, 2011

Bloggers Inpired: 1 *Nails*

 .Dear Mr. Cocktail,

I followed heaps of bloggers from blogspot + bloglovin. From fashion blogger to lifestyle blogger. I basically follow people who I think is interesting.

This couple of weeks I got inspired with the different/gradation nail polish + glitter
Thanks to Vicky from bikini and passports and Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere for their inspirational glitter nail post on their blog, I will soon try it myself..

But last night I got back from work.. I start to do my own version of red-pink nail color
sorry I can't find the blogs that inspire me to do this version :-(

Bullish on OPI & Fellin Hot Hot Hot OPI
Now I can't wait to try the glitter-nail and tomorrow is a Holiday!! yippey..

Have a good nite!


Birthday: Ms. D2

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

It was another day of another birthday celebration of another gud-ol friend of mine Mrs. D2 Ms. D2.

My phone wrang and woke me up. I was late !! I got up and look at myself in the mirror.. The Hangover face.
My eyeliner was smudging under my eye and I could still hear the buzzing from last night trance.

I quickly have a cold shower, wash my ciggie-scent hair, brush my teeth then head to Pondok Indah Mall 2.

Location: Sushi Tei

I got there as quickly as I can, all the ladies (+ hubby) was there.. I sat myself, and just stare blankly for awhile until I had my ice ocha. The ladies start to chat up and gossip (I haven't meet these ladies for awhile and just found out 2 of them are divorcee) I'm the only one who is not married (yet).

Ms. S, Ms. Uth, Ms D2, Ms. D1, Ms. D3

humm.. guess I was still intoxicated
PS: you have no idea how many pictures were taken under 3hours !!! these ladies is such an Asian hahah pictures everywhere.

We dine, drink, gossip.
I was not on my chitty-chatter-girl mood as I always do, but I still manage to pose to the camera ;-)
and glad I look sober (thanks to the thick make up).

I was glad my friends pick Sushi Tei for lunch, I haven't eat sushi for waayy toooo looonnggg for a sushi lover like moi ! * wink
and Sushi Tei is delicious and affordable.

After disturbing people next to us with our laugh and our uncontrollable narcissism, we got a complimentary Sushi-Bday ???
I personally think a sushi can't be a pretend-bday-cake ... a birthday cake should be a dessert, where you can stick a candle and blow it.

I love sushi but I'm not a big fan of sushi-cake

Ms. D2 payed (thank youuuuuu) and we stroll around the Mall + taking pictures
and shop for shoes.

Overall it was a gud weekend with the ladies-mommies
Had a great time :-)

Thank you girls. xxx


June 07, 2011

Barbie Gaga

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

If you ever wonder if my avatar pic is Me.. yes it's me. :-)
I want to share you an old story of mine


"Hey S, do you want to be my make up model", ask Ms C

"ehmm... what for?"

"I have this make up test for Make Up Forever and I need a model who look like Gaga "

"......... hmmmm..."

"I'll give the white blonde wig you were eye-ing in Mangga Dua, my inspiration is Lady Gaga meet Barbie... are you interested?"


It was Thursday, another day of the week. Wake up. Shower. Brunch. Then off to Darmawangsa Square. I got there earlier then Ms. C, so I window shop. waiting, and I wait. From one shop to another. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. 30 minutes. Then I could feel my bag vibrate, I pick up my phone..

"Zen, I'm still one my way. caught in traffic. sorry, why don't you get some drink. my treat"


Sit in a cafe, sipping my tea. reading my book. The Waiter start looking at me. Do I have something on my face? do I smell bad? do I have something on me??? I tried to act cool but didn't help much, I could still feel their wondering eyes against my back. I start to feel uncomfortable, can't focus on what I'm reading. Plugging my earphone and start listening to trance. Couple minutes later my friend show up. Finally.
So we went to Make Up Forever, I put on my white blonde wig. I'm ready.

The rule of this make up test is you're only allowed to use only their line of product. From foundation to the eye shadow but you're may use your own brushes and your own fake eye lashes. you gotta work what with you have.
Carol rolled out her brushes and start working on her magic touch.
Looking so serious, testing the perfect shade of foundation for my skin, blending colors. Bright Pink. Yellow. Orange.. and I don't remember.. ;-p

Her partner start taking pictures of me. cool... after about an hour or so this is what I look. Me and Blonde.
How do I look?

It's fun to have a make up artist as your friend and I do have a weakness for thick make up, fake eye lashes and dressing up. Becoming someone else.


yeaahh.. I'm not so much a Blondie kinda girl, I love my brunette hair, some of my friend told me I look like a Russian porn star. Daymn hahaha.. I'm HOT. lol

Have a good night


June 06, 2011


Dear Mr. Cocktail,

It's official. I hate my job. It's been a roller coaster to downhill with my work.
I'm hating my job for many reasons..

a. We don't get over time.

I work around 10 to 12 hours a day but I never complaint. I got home so late, to tired to even have dinner,    went to sleep with my working clothes on, wake up at midnight then remember to change my clothes then back to sleep
I came to the office on Saturday just to help out
Did I complaint? No. Why? I was expecting that after I show my Company my dedication and hard work, the Company will give me more appreciation (a.k.a more money) hehe 

Month pass by, this new Company is settling down, not much to do now.. I'm on a daily-routine-work. Everyday is the same.. but I still can't go home early. My work hour ended at 5.30 PM. but I have to stay until 7 PM. Even tho I have nothing to do. Why? because my Manager said so.
We call that "The Power of Position" 
I used the extra one and half hour surfing on the net, play games, reading blogs. Still no complaint.

So work more then 8 hours with no overtime.

b. We don't get benefits.
ooouu yeaaahh.. we don't get any benefits from Company. At my first interview I ask about the beneficial, and they said "this Company is still new, we are still on to it". but I worked here past my probation, and still I haven't heard any about what we'll get. No health assurance?  No reimburse? so whenever I got sick from over working myself.. I spend more money then actually making it. Sucks? Big time!

I was patience enough at work, I'm try to stay positive.. thinking, "hey, might get a raised at the end of the day". but I was wrong....
Big Boss was not from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, he lives and spend most of his time in Medan, one of the biggest city in Indonesia. When my first and second interview with him, he promise a raise but when Branch Manager talk to him recently about giving raise to the employees.. he said "No" the reason is because he paid enough, he said the salary we get if it's in Medan that amount of money will get you everywhere. I was amaze with his "intelligence"... the living cost in Jakarta is like 3-4times more expensive then in Medan. His employee and his brother who came visit us from Medan always complaint how everything is so expensive.. I can't believe he is so stupidly blind.

Pays like shit - no benefits - no overtime

but I was still patience, until

c. Lost My Family and Social Time
I feel this the most recently...  especially with sister who is getting married, I haven't been spending time with my sisters and mum like I should have. I'm the last person who knows about things.. I missed family dinner, I missed family function. it's sad...
I also haven't been hanging out with my friends as much.. I feel like a bad person because of this job.

and now my sister is getting married in 2 weeks, and my nephew from England is getting married here in a week (he is marrying my bestfriend) so all my family from England will be here on Wednesday.. they will attend my nephew and my sister wedding.
There will be a lot of family gathering (lunch, dinner, wedding, after party and all) I really don't wanna miss this

And I don't think that my Boss will give me leave for my nephew and sister wedding. I told Branch Manager about it and her respond was "wow thats a lot of leave" (I only ask for 3 days) "Let's talk about it tomorrow", but we never talk about it..
I don't know what to do now..
all I know is, I've been applying for new job. I don't think this job is worth that much to ruin my relationship with my love ones.

and now for my last reason

d. They block the Internet surfing, Google, everything except E-mail
Now I can't read blogs at my office!! suuuuuccckkkss biiigg time!! but hey, you come to the office to work. fine
if they block facebook, twitter, youtube, porn site, I don't actually mind. But my "Intelligent smart" Big Boss told the I.T to block ALL sites except email, banking and google. The shit thing is.. when you open google and the news site .. you can't open the link. All of them.. *pointless

So I CAN'T DO MY F&*%$** JOB

how the hell can I made online reservation, look for information and shit?????!!!!
I told this to the General Affair to please explain to Big Boss that I need the google to work, but his response is, "I told him, but he wants it all block" told the Branch Manager too.. but she only give me a faint smile


it's not just me who is having trouble at work doing my job, also others. 
at this point I had enough. I can't work under a moron. I really wish I find a new job soon before I start stabbing Big Boss and Branch Manager in my dream. I tried to calm my self at Yoga but at the end of the class .. my mind was smiling but I kept repeating "kill .. kill .. kill" in my head. I start to sound like this devil worshiper or a psychopath hahahahaha I might try Muay thai after the weddings (avoiding bruises before the weddings) Punching and kicking people might help with my silence stress

So now whenever I got home, I try my best to read all the blogs that I follow, and read all their new post
(I haven't check bloglovin in 2 days there's around 280 new post unread) *sigh

Note: I really wish Indonesia is not a corrupt country so I can sue this Company and make myself filthy rich. but sadly, in here you can buy the law...

wooooshaaaaaa... beee positiiiveeeeeee (kill kill kill) hahahaha

oh well, I hope everything will be fine soon.. and I hope you have better weeks that I am.

Gud Nite World,

Ms. S

June 02, 2011

Office Look.1

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

It's a bright sunny-day today :-)

My office space look shit, but now is better :-)

I took this picture awhile ago, but I haven't had the chance to post it.

That day I went to the office dress up more then I used to. I wore a fascinator inspired from the Royal Wedding. Quite glad that my office allows their employee to dress as fancy as they want as long as it look smart.

I think fascinator is a cute hair piece but it's quite hard to find the appropriate time to wear it beside weddings & party here in Jakarta. Our polo match is not as fancy and I don't think that we have a horse race..

Alas! I wear them to work *wink
My Branch Manager dare me to wear one at work, Ha!
Yes.. everyone look at me in amazement or envy or whatever.. but ever since that day a lot of the marketing staff start to wear hair accessories. yey!

I wish I have more fascinator! or maaaaybbeee I should try and make one..hummmm interestinggg...

Have  a great day