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June 28, 2011

Birthday: Ms. D2

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

It was another day of another birthday celebration of another gud-ol friend of mine Mrs. D2 Ms. D2.

My phone wrang and woke me up. I was late !! I got up and look at myself in the mirror.. The Hangover face.
My eyeliner was smudging under my eye and I could still hear the buzzing from last night trance.

I quickly have a cold shower, wash my ciggie-scent hair, brush my teeth then head to Pondok Indah Mall 2.

Location: Sushi Tei

I got there as quickly as I can, all the ladies (+ hubby) was there.. I sat myself, and just stare blankly for awhile until I had my ice ocha. The ladies start to chat up and gossip (I haven't meet these ladies for awhile and just found out 2 of them are divorcee) I'm the only one who is not married (yet).

Ms. S, Ms. Uth, Ms D2, Ms. D1, Ms. D3

humm.. guess I was still intoxicated
PS: you have no idea how many pictures were taken under 3hours !!! these ladies is such an Asian hahah pictures everywhere.

We dine, drink, gossip.
I was not on my chitty-chatter-girl mood as I always do, but I still manage to pose to the camera ;-)
and glad I look sober (thanks to the thick make up).

I was glad my friends pick Sushi Tei for lunch, I haven't eat sushi for waayy toooo looonnggg for a sushi lover like moi ! * wink
and Sushi Tei is delicious and affordable.

After disturbing people next to us with our laugh and our uncontrollable narcissism, we got a complimentary Sushi-Bday ???
I personally think a sushi can't be a pretend-bday-cake ... a birthday cake should be a dessert, where you can stick a candle and blow it.

I love sushi but I'm not a big fan of sushi-cake

Ms. D2 payed (thank youuuuuu) and we stroll around the Mall + taking pictures
and shop for shoes.

Overall it was a gud weekend with the ladies-mommies
Had a great time :-)

Thank you girls. xxx



  1. You and your girls are so pretty! Looks like a great time!


  2. aawww thank you, gorgeous!



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