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November 11, 2011

Birthday Baking

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

I've been super busy lately and I'm sorry for neglecting you.. but I promise I will update you to all the things that had happen in my life.

Starting with... the First time I bake a cupcake! ever!
I love baking and I'm quite good at cookies and pound cake. but I never made any cupcake before..

I got out of the hospital and 2 week later it was my B'day. (I'll post my hospital moments later on)
SO.. B'day celebration id the perfect time to try making some cupcake.

Note: a day before my bday I try to bake a raspberry cheese cake, FAILED. made a mess of myself, was so tired from work and in a hurry this suppose-bly easy recipe ended up a disaster.  I will make another one soon!!

White chocolate raspberry cheesecake by Nigella
The next day my sister gave me her cupcake oreo recipe. She's not the baking type of girl.. she's more of the love eating kinda girl and sheee looovveeeeeeee oreo cheese cake. She ask me to make one.

I look at the recipe and something not quite add up so I made an adjustment for the frosting. Instead of  4 cup of sugar I just use 2 cups of sugar. I think it's too sweet for any-one taste..?? I'll die of sugar rush hahahaha.. aniweeeeey....

this is how it looks at the end
I try my best making it in the morning.. and it end up.. "wasn't that bad" a lot of people seems to like it.. but I need to practice more.

me & my sister the one whoo loovveeeeeeees to eat. lol

and when I found the perfect oreo cupcake I will share it to you... :-)
have a great day and stay healthy.. much love