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November 26, 2010

ONROP Musikal

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Last Sunday I went with my friend Mr. Irz to watch Onrop Musikal by Joko Anwar at Taman Ismail Marzuki.

I have long waited to watch this show. Somehow I get all excited and hype. When I saw their rehearsal video and their audition video I found out one of my friend is one of the cast. she plays as the babysitter and one of the bum??
I ask my sisters and friends to come watch with me (this is before all the fusses begin) but no one gave an answer, except Mr. Irz.

... oh well ....

My mood have not improve that day, I was hoping that Onrop will change it.
I kept thinking about Mr. Sing, the surgery and family drama. huuuhhhmmpp... tired.

Mr. Irz pick me from my house. I was so tired, I slept in the car on our way to TIM.
when we got there, you can tell how overly excited Mr. Irz. He keep on talking on and ooonnn..made me even more crankier..
I was thankful when we got seated I can sit in silence. I can't wait for the show to start.


Onrop - Porno *spell backwards
(no wonder I enjoy this show hahaha )

a Love story

Taken place in Jakarta, Indonesia 2020. A time where the anti onropgraphy and onrop-action law have  deprive women, homosexual, artist and their rights to express.

Women must not show their bare skin, not allowed to show their sexuality and you can't express you affection in public. Homosexual are prohibited. Artist must not shown any nudity, sexual content in their arts, not even the word "nude".

Police Moral will arrest anyone who violates and will be exile to Onrop Island. Onrop Island is known to be this scary place full of criminals and people who live there are cannibal and such. But it's not!! it turns out to be this love free island where you can express yourself without worry. (the government doesn't know about this)

The adventure of Bram (a conservative guy, religious book writer) and Bram longtime girlfriend, Sari (young free-spirited girl, a rebel) with the accompanied of Bram personal assistant Amir (who is gay, pretended to be straight) begin when Bram got exiled to Onrop Island.

onrop audition and practice. youtube.

Onrop became the first theater work of writer and director Joko Anwar. He started working on this since 3 years ago. Joko Anwar feel the need to criticize about the new Indonesian Law about Pornography and Pornoaction. He feel annoyed that people in the government act as if it's "ok" to be intolerance for people to express themselves (agree!!)

Choreograph by Eko Supriyanto, he successfully made the show fun, energetic and lively. Nusantara Symphony Orchestra with conductor Indra Perkasa, all the talented cast of Onrop and the rest of the crew made the show a Big Hit.


The show was funny and provocative.. you can tell the audience loved it.
There's some sarcastic joke about recent political issues such as the "handshake" Mr. Tiff Sembiring, and "Gayus runaway to Bali", even on the song lyrics are a bit "naughty".. example:

"ini pengadilan terhormat, sering dijadikan tempat bisnis"
"This honorable court is often used as a place of business"

Not all song criticize about the corruption and the law. At Onrop island most of  the song is about love and religion tolerance.

"Buat apa kekerasan kalau kita bisa berkesenian"
"why need violence when we can be artistic"

"Pulau cinta, jangankan banci, orang sinting saja kami terima"
"love island, not just sissy, crazy people we accept"

(sorry for my rough translation)

Although there some minuses, like there's a problem with the sound system. Sometime I can't really hear what they were saying or singing.. and the dancing are not that synchronize. Predictable storyline but overall it was really GOOD. Really make you think about freedom of expression. Freedom of human rights.

I was laughing, giggling, smiling and thinking at the same time.

Onrop received a lot of good review from all sort of media. 

here's some review from TheJakarta post
and a few comment from twitter-land

@ms_citra: Done watching ONROP. Great script, awesome cast, cool setting, inspiring music, overall perfect combo of greatness!! Must see guys!

@Adriandhy: With it's production designs, choreography & satirical yet meaningful worthwhile script, Onrop! musikal was a brilliant social wake up call.

and many more, but i can't be bother copy-ing them all hehe

here's some picture..

my silver seat tickets
view from where I'm sitting. not bad 'eh
Bram, Sari and Police Moral. courtesy onropians
Bram and Sari. courtesy onropians

all cast. closing. the end.


It was afternoon when I got back home. I was still tired but my mood was so much better after the show
Mr. Irz drop me home... but before he let me go. He ask me a question..

"Oh! shit" that was my first reaction, I didn't say it out loud but I guess my face expression did.

"I want to ask you something I ask couple days ago"
"what was that???"
"what happen if I like you", he said

"WHAT!!! WTH", I scream inside my head. I tried my best to act cool.. but my nervous finger betrayed me.

 "humm.. you didn't ask me that couple days ago. If I'm not mistaken you ask me "what happen if someone older like you?" you didn't say You like Me..!", I said

"uhm.. yeah, ok. now you know. I like you"
"Thank you I guess"
"and.. I want to be your boyfriend"

(-___-!!)  ... suddenly I feel I'm back in highschool. I haven't been ask to be a girlfriend for a long time. Usually it just goes with time.  You get to know, you flirt, you like each other, you kiss.. sex.. the comes relationship or relationship then sex. That's how I usually do.. anyway.

"ehmm.. ee.. uhmmm" took me awhile to answer.
"I'm not looking for a relationship at the moment", I said. I lied.

"I think you should know from how I behave around you and other boys.. that I treat them as my friend. Only because, after my last break-up. I made a promise that I need to concentrate on Myself". again I wasn't being completely honest. I did. But now I have someone else that caught my attention. Of course I can't tell Mr. Irz that.. It'll broke his heart.. scratch that it'll broke his confidence.

"I notice that but I'll wait for you, I'll wait until you're ready"

Shit! I should have been honest with him.

"don't!! you'll waste your time.. I don't need any boys drama at the moment", I have plenty already without you adding it up..
"I understand, I've been there and now I don't want to be alone, I want to be with you"

"you're not listening"
"I listen"
"you listen but you're not hearing me! I want to be alone now."
"Good for you that you've been there and done that. But I haven't and don't wait for me, please don't wait", I said

At that moment I was panicking. I don't know what to say. I'll feel so bad if I tell him the truth.
"I don't like you, not even a little. I have no sexual desire towards you at ALL!!" and I know for sure in the future I wont change my mind. Your presence didn't make my heart race, my body temperature rise, my armpit sweats.. or my vagina twitch. hahaha.. *very vulgar ( I didn't tell him this )

he look at me with sad face.. hoping I'll change my mind

so I say, "I consider you as a friend. I like you.. as a friend"
"I just don't.." I can't finish my sentence at that point. I don't have the heart.

I look at the window... thinking what should I do now...
My fingers start tapping randomly... nervous? yes.

I start making fun of the awkward situation.. he start to relax a little
I smile and I thought.. that I need to take time off from him. Give him a little distance..

"can I go now?", I ask
"yes .... "

we kiss on both cheek - to cheek (typical Hi and Goodbye in Jakarta)

I left his car

I feel bad.. but hey.. at least I was nice. I try to..
but I think I should be more honest next time.

I got home..

5 minutes later

*one new message*

"I just got home, I really enjoy onrop. what are you doing?", Mr. Irz



Nite2 :-P


November 16, 2010

Tik Tik Tik

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

I sit alone in my room
I can hear the raindrops outside my window
I lay awake on my bed


Tik tik tik

What is that sound?
Raindrops? clock?

Tik tik tik

"Should I?" I ask myself
I hold my phone preciously, as if made of diamond
Should I? or should I not?

Tik tik tik

I like him, does he likes me back?
Will I disturb him? will I annoy him?

Tik tik tik

I could still hear the rain
I could still smell the fresh scent

My thumb lay quietly on the buttons
Synchronizing my brain and my heart

Tik tik tik

"don't text him", said Brain
"but, I want to", answered Heart
"why?", asked Brain
"I like him", said Heart shyly
"make him wait"
"I'm afraid I'll miss my chance if I do"
"humm.. what if you're wrong", Brain start to analyze
"what should I do?"
"I don't know I'm just a Brain"
"and I'm just a heart'

Tik tik tik

God, please help me

Tik tik tik

I put my phone down
I close my eyes
I let the soothing sound of rain and scent drift me away

Tik tik tik

I pray that he misses me
So, I wait..

and wait

Tik tik tik


Tik tik tik

I fell asleep

Tik tik tik

Mr. Sun in up
His warm golden shine caress my cold cheek
I look at my phone


Tik tik tik

It's him

November 12, 2010


Dear Mr. Cocktail,

it's Friday.. and I'm bored at office. I'm starting to think about leaving my current job and go back teaching again. If I don't get more things to do at work, beside talking on the phone, arranging data yadaa yadaa and all that.. I'll definitely will look for a new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, trying to be productive at work.. I blog. :-p

Today I would like to share to you some of my music/song I like
My friend Mr. Pan told me about them.. , like 'em ever since

Let me tell you a little bit about Mr. Pan..
Mr. Pan is the soulmate - the brother from another mother of my nephew T-rex
and I have to say Mr. Pan and his blood-related brothers are music genius. Each individual play all the music instrument. You need to see them jammin' it's like watching a merry-go-round. One song his playing the guitar, next the drum..and so on.
I tell you more about his group another time

So couple months ago Mr. Pan post this song on his FB page and we met then he start to brainwash me with their single.....


The first video is Casio Kids - Fin Bikkjen (Lightsoverla remix)
they're from Norway, you can check on their myspace page
and I have no clue what the song is about, but I really enjoy it. 
I posted the remix version..

"Old analogue, trashy keyboards and pop melodies make up the Norwegian electro-troupe that is Casiokids. With tunes often sung in their native language and influenced by afro-beat, techno and out-and-out pop, the band draws similarities and takes inspiration from Paul Simon's "Graceland", Ivor Cutler, New Order, King Tubby, Bob Hund, Cornelius and Fela Kuti"

this one I also got it from Mr. Pan
American Alternative-rock-indie band, Blonde Redhead - Oslo
you can check them out on their Blonde Redhead website
I don't really know why I like this song.. the melody sound a bit sad, cold and thrilling. 


I know it's a two quite different type of music.. 
Fik bikkjen (remix) - fun, light, cute and my body react to the melody
Oslo in the other hand... take my soul to a journey, wondering...

Hope you'll like it..
Have a good Friday, I'm off to the gym!


November 11, 2010

Count on Me

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

I have one particular song that always successfully cheer me up whenever I feel blue.
it's Bruno Mars - Count on me
I think the lyrics is just sweet and simple. Knowing someone will be there for you, someone you can count on, I think it's amazing.

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea,
I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see,
I'll be the light to guide you

Find out what we're made of
What we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like 1 2 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4 3 2
And you'll be there
Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah

Wooooh, Wooooh
That's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah
You can count on me cause I can count on you

Wooooh, Wooooh
yeah Yeah

If tou toss and you turn and you just can't fall asleep
I'll sing a song
beside you
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me
Everyday I will
remind you

Find out what we're made of
What we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like 1 2 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4 3 2
And you'll be there
Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah
You'll always have my shoulder when you cry
I'll never let go
Never say goodbye

You can count on me like 1 2 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4 3 2
And you'll be there
Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah

Wooooh, Wooooh
you can count on me cos' I can count on you

I hope you enjoy it as I do.

November 10, 2010

Jakarta Fashion Week 2010 - 2011

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

I went to my first Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) - Ari Seputra on Monday.
A friend of mine got 2 invitation and he ask me to company him. I was not in my best mood that day.
I was tired from weekend and drama at work.

I was not in my good mood. I need to slap something.. or someone. like my HRD. I wish I can slap her. lol
*mind my temper. I'm on PMS

I did warn my friend Mr. Iz not to take all my sarcastic and cynical comment personally.. and I told him not to make any stupid jokes or annoying comment to trigger my temper.. hahahaha..but he did anyway.

So, he pick me up from office. We arrived at Pacific Place. Everyone dress-up and glam-up especially the Socialite all in red dress, gold jewelry and Christian Louboutin shoes. Red is the dress code for the party

Got in, seated. We sit at the back row. My eyes starts to wonder, looking and observing like I always do. I can see young designers sitting front row... and one of them is my all time favorite, Oscar Lawalata! I text my sister about it...

We waited for half an hour before the show start. The MC start to introducing the sponsors, Yayasan Jantung Indonesia's goal and the meaning of the the Red dress code (It's a warning for women to be aware for their health) They also explain that this show will also contribute for helping the victim of national disasters.

After awhile you can sense and see that a lot of people are getting restless, they want the show to start.. and at one point when the MC introduce one of the speaker who is quite important for the event (I forget her name) the media who are sitting at the end of the runway starts to "Yaaaaa"-ing. Not because they don't like the speaker but because they want the show to start. From my personal point of view, it's disrespecting.

Cut story short..

Opening number by Maera Panigoro, acoustic performance. She starts to sing "Bengawan Solo"
I really like this song. One of my favorite. She sing couple of song then the 12 supporting muses start to do runway.

They dim the lights, the visual starts to show pictures of Indonesian Heritage (Borobudur, Wayang). Then the music, it's Indonesian traditional instrument mix with electro beat (which I think is awesome, too bad I don't know who composed it)... Then the models enter.

Ari Seputra inspired by Indonesia traditional beauty. He uses a lot of batik. They style the models hair like Wayang. hummm... remind me a little bit like Amy Winehouse.

I do have to comment about how the girls walk. they're so stiff and wobbly or limping. I can't see enough fierceness in them, or maybe I watch too many ANTM hehehe..

Overall it was a good show.
and here some pictures to share..

The 12 Muses wearing Ari Seputra dress and Maera Panigoro

The hungry eyes of "paparazzi"

This have to be one of my fav design



November 08, 2010

Never ever had I ...

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

It was one of my worse day ever, it was a Saturday. I got back from the hospital and receive bad result from my check-up.
I have to undergo a minor surgery. I never had a surgery before in life! (so far). So, it was a huge shock for me. I was there by myself, and I wanted to cry but there's no familiar shoulder to cry on. I ended up laughing like a maniac in the hospital.

I told my family about the surgery thru BBM, when I got home no one was there. Somehow I feel relieve, I was not in the mood to tell my family about the result or anything. I want to go out. I want to run. I'm scared.


Planning to get drunk that night.. (I know I shouldn't but I need it)

That evening I went out to Casa with my friend Mr. J for dinner. We bring our own company to make our night merrier. Me and my Health problem. Mr. J and his Love Life drama. It's going to be a "FUN" night (-__-)

Casa is a great place to hang out and  chill. I love the decor retro-modern and ambiance. Great music. from a "fashion" point of view, I can say that a lot of creative artistic people like to come there to chat, read books or busy with their laptop or blackberry. click here to see Casa.

I had dinner at home, so I just order some dessert. I ordered Chocolate melts with vanilla Ice cream and a hot tea. To be honest, I still thinks that the chocolate melts from Cork & Screw is still the best!! *sorry

Chamomile tea and Chocolate melt with vanilla ice cream
The selection of cocktails is not long nor it's creative but it is quite nyummy. And I used to know one of the bartender (he have moved to Canteen), when he was around I always ordered drinks out of the menu. All different, according to my mood that day. And he'll made it for me! when I got sore throat, he'll give me hot chocolate, vodka, cinnamon and something else. So GOOD!! it's more interesting when he's around. I miss him. :-p
Most of the staff there are very friendly,
but the music tend to be too loud so it's quite difficult to talk *Saturday night

Songs from the 80's is playing.
I listen to Mr. J about his love drama.. on and on... and on... and.. on
I like to tease Mr. J that he tend to act more like a girl. hahaha.. I'm more of a man than he is. It took me couple of weeks to moved on.. but it's different for him. It take him awhile to recover from a break up... (I mean.. like awwhhiillleeeeeeeeeeee) haha

There I was, listening. Trying to be a good friend. The weirdest things is ..  me and Mr. J was never a close friend. I only met him twice. Never really talk until now.

White Chocolate Martini

After dinner, we ordered some cocktails. I order Dragon Fruit, it's blend of currant vodka, raspberry rum, red grapes and Mr. J order a White Chocolate Martini

oh yeah, you can tell a "man" by the drinks he order.. hahaha

(oh! he's going to be very piss when he read this and he'll tease me on my grammar for revenge)

I didn't talk much about the result or my surgery..
I feel a little uncomfortable. I feel its so naked. 'Cus I'll be talking about my fear. I'll be feeling vulnerable.

I will talk about it more. but not now..
when I'm ready....

Dragon Fruit and Mr. J and his martini
While I was listening to my dear friend Mr. J
I got a text message from a guy I like who lived in Singapore, he would like to meet me.  YEY!!! (he's here for the weekend)

After that text, I have this stupid grin in my face that somehow I can't get rid off.

So, made up my mind meeting him after Casa and some Exorcist. Little that I know that night will turn to be a very complicated night.

Then a friend of mine Mr. PW ask me to join him at Domain

and my other friend Mr. A wants to join us for some exorcist and Domain.


Red Alert
After awhile, our conversation start to get depressing...

We decided to start a game.. "Never had I ever.."
it's a drinking game.
I never played it before so Mr. J tell me about the rules.

You have to start with "Never had I ever ... have a 3some before" and if the other person done it.. they have to drink. But if they haven't, I have to drink...

or something like that. I not really sure.. nor I remember the detail. hahahaha... 

So, we order more drinks. Well Mr. J order more drinks. I haven't even finish mine. I keep on coughing the whole time.

I was sick that night. 'itchy throat"
Oh no, my surgery have nothing to do with the coughing.

Casa Bosanova
Mr. J order a Red Alert.
again another girls drink. hahahahaha... Red Alert is a mix of strawberry, gin, cointreau, peach liqueur and red grapes.

Taste pretty good.
This usually the type of drink I order. :-P

Then order another one Casa Bosanova
I really like Casa Bosanova, deff will order this beauty the next time I'm in Casa.

My friend from Sing keep on texting me telling me to leave now and meet him. But my other friend Mr. A is not here yet.

So, I tell Mr. A to meet me at Splash Kemang.
Pay our bill. Off we go heading for one of the deadliest drink.

The Exorcist.

with the cocktail menu
Splash Kemang,
what can I say about this place... hummmm... I hated this place. hahahahaha
Full of kids who thinks they're so cool. Lot's of expat kids and local teen who can drink underage.
Full of annoying kids! and pervert adult! end!

The only reason I set my foot here is because a friend of mine and Mr. J introduce me to this drink on my birthday couple months back. One glass of this Nectar have successfully made me drunk *blush
they called it The Exorcist *taraaaaa....

The Exorcist is a mix of gin, Bacardi, tequila, cointreau, vodka, midori and sprite.

It taste so sweet you barely taste the alcohol till your body react to the music or suddenly you can't walk straight.

"drink fast! my friend is waiting for me!!"

glup.. glup.. glup..

but after drinking half of the glass... I can feel the shiver..
and I know I can't finish it.
I don't want to meet my cute friend drunk!
just tipsy would be enough. Tipsy me - cute and flirty.

altho' I did warned my friend if I'm a bit drunk I like to kiss people. hehehe..

While we're waiting Mr. A to come.. I realize, there's a lot of old guys. Sitting. I guess they were drunk. Creepy.

Around this time.. I'm already a bit drunk. Keep calling Mr. A whereabouts.. and we decided just to meet him at KFC then we go to Portico which is above Domain.

Met my cute friend from Singapore. I feel so bad making him wait for me.. I was 45mins late haha.. But I promise I'll make it up to him. I did.
I didn't waste my time, I start flirting.. and so on... quite embarrassing.
After Portico, we move to Domain where my other friend Mr. PW is waiting

At the bar.. I was trying so hard to be the glue between all my friends who never met before. But somehow I failed. hahaha.. Oh well!
After awhile Mr. A went home. Mr. PW also busy with his other friend and I was busy kissing my friend from Singapore. hahahahaha..

I even forget about my camera. So I didn't take pictures.. :-P

I feel sorry for Mr. A and Mr. J.. I wasn't a good host for them that night.
My friend from Sing wants me to go back with him.. "humm I don't know...."
But Mr. J keep persuading me to go with my friend from Sing and keep on reminding me to be safe!! hahaha
So I went back with him...

Such a good friend. I owe him a round of Exorcist next time. :-P


From one of the worse day ever.. ended up with with a kiss.
I sleep smiling that night.

That's all for now
have a great nite

Ms. S

November 01, 2010


Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Halloween is my favorite time of the year... sadly more then my Birthday.
I love to dress up and Halloween give me the perfect opportunity to be as free as I want to be, without any staring eyes who looked at me as if I'm crazy.

But, sadly this year... I wasn't on  my 100%.  I was sick that week. but, alas... I keep on chugging all my meds, resting and even take days off from work so I'll be ready for Halloween. Oh! yes! I look forward for Halloween BADLY!

Since I was bed resting, I didn't have time to prepared my outfit, not even the theme. Last minute decision I choose Pirate look. I went to a costume rental, and yey! no pirate outfit available (-__-!!) . so I ended up renting Gypsy blouse and obi ( I have few of pirate stuff in my room). Mix-match. Taraaaa.... I look like a pirate gypsy!

I went with my girls to X2 Club ( I went there last year, had a blast time!!) X2 decor the entry hallway like entering a Haunted house. There couple of bloody ghost standing against the wall trying to look all scary and frighten all the clubbers who are entering. As I walk in, acting so cool and tough as a pirate should be, I felt someone grabbing my leg & successfully made me scream like a little girl I am inside. It was one of the bloody ghost sitting on the floor. She did a good job.

No, she didn't scare me. She caught me off guard *cough cough

I ask her to pose with me afterward

with Kuntilanak *if I'm not mistaken
Pirate and anime french maid? not sure but look very Harajuku

with the girls
 X2 was pack! so crowded.
There's no place to dance but you can see that people are having so much fun, dancing, drinking, and taking pictures (with random people with cool costume!) guess with all the disaster happening in Indonesia lately people take this as an opportunity just go out, have fun and be crazy.

I didn't drink alcohol that night. Don't want to upset my recovering stomach.
after awhile, my friend ask me and Ms. C (we were dancing on the stage) to change venue.
They want to go to 36.


I ask Ms. P about that place and where it is. She just said "it's a groovy place in Kota"

hummm... I never been there, and what I learn from my experience. All clubs and Bar in Kota are... how do you say this in a good way... "dirty" in a fun kinda way, depend on how you enjoy yourself.

but she promise me that there'll be a good show to watch. We left X2 and head to 36.


Cut to the chase... I only stayed there for 30-45min. Place was sucks! BIG time. Live band singing Indonesian lousy song and no striptease!!!.. hahaha. I am disappointed. So, we left, leaving some of the girls behind... we were planning to head back to X2 when I recieve a text from a friend, Mr. A telling me to meet him and T-rex in Kampus. So off we gooooo to Kampus...

Meet up with Mr. A and T-rex, not a lot of people dress up in Kampus. Mostly the staff all doll up and dress up. I was one of the only people the who wear costume from head to toe.. since it's Halloween I feel I'm the coolest person in the dancefloor.. (trying to convince myself)

We dance and dance.. the music is great, the DJ was Hot and Pretty. Then Ms. C came and said  she wanted to go home it was 4.30 am (whoaaa O__o). My girls left

I stayed and dance. Kampus is so dark, they covered the window with thick color curtain, make you unsure what time it is especially when you're drunk or high. but since I was completely sober.. I notice. It was 5.30 am when I decided to go home. I left without saying goodbye to my dear T-rex, cus' I will know he'll make me stayed even longer and I love him to much to say "no" (T-rex is one of my dear my relative, don't get any ideas hahaha)

I called the cab company service to pick me up at Menara Imperium.
The Operator ask my description, I ask "how I look like?" "yes, so the driver can identify you, mam"
"uhmmm,.. a pirate", I say quietly.  He giggled (-__-) " Halloween ya?" "yes".

as I waiting for my cab, I notice that the parking area in front of the lobby is still full. I wonder how many people still have their adrenaline pump beside Mr. A and T-rex. I guess all.. hahahaha

the lobby outside. my eyes are burning.. and look all those car.
One of the real reason I went home beside I have to go to the gym at 1 pm was because I'm verrrryy hunggryyyyyyy... Before I got home, I drop by to buy some pancakes to take away for breakfast.

Got home around 6 am, my mum was up already.. thank God I didn't get home drunk, dragging my ass on the pathway. She should be proud of me, haha. I eat my breakfast. went to sleep at 7 am. It was a tiring night, 3 clubs in 1 night.

I love my life. Tired but loving it.
and I can't wait for Halloween next year.
hopefully I will be healthy

Thats all for now, hope you have a great Halloween *hugs