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May 19, 2011

Office Breakfast

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

I'm officially glued to my desk. I am married to my Job.. (not my dream job) so it's not my dream wedding.
Every morning I'm so in a rush that I never had breakfast at home. How sad my life is?
Instead I always have my breakfast at my desk.. and sometimes my friend Mrs. Ina would bring me something to eat... like "Market Food" a.k.a Jajanan Pasar.

I miss having a proper breakfast ... and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day !!
I tend to use my weekend morning cooking breakfast or whenever I stayed at a nice hotel I'll be the early bird queuing for the breakfast buffet ! nyum ...

Nevertheless I still enjoy having my breakfast in the office.. and my current favorite is Khamir.

Khamir and a hot cappuccino

Kue Khamir (in bahasa) is an typical Indonesian Arab coffee-cake-snacks. This stumpy cake I'm not really sure if originally from Arab but story said that an Arab guy who live Mulyoharjo area (still in Indonesia), which also known as Kampung Arab (Arab town.. kinda like China-town) in Central Java the first one who made this cake. Khamir name itself is not really clearly where it came from.. can be from the word Khameer which mean intoxicate or from the baker itself or from an Arab word Khamir which mean yeast.

My favorite is the one with chocolate fillings in the inside. Eat it warm with a hot tea/cino, raining.. best time !


Green bean and Ketan Item

My other breakfast regular menu is Mung bean and "Ketan hitam" Glutinous rice porridge, taste sweet even tho it look kinda scary. :-D . (Ketan Hitam you only find it in Asia) this food is made from mung beans with coconut milk and palm sugar or cane sugar mix (the beans are boiled till soft, and sugar and coconut milk are added) then mix with the Ketan Hitam.


Cheese sambosa.
One day a very special friend of mine gave me heaps of packages of Sambosa. Cheese and beef.. Sambosa is a popular snack from the Arabian. A triangle-shape stuff pastry .. Want to made it yourself? click here
We have under-cook the cheese Sambosa, the cheese is suppose to melt in the inside and as you can see, you still see the cheese cube inside. :-(
but all still a gud snack to eat at the office
Non-veg sambosa
and for my last picture food-blog-closing.. I have save the best for last.. A bun I accidentally found at this bakery in my office building !! The shape is so unique that if you have a dirty mind like I do, it may bring more then a big grin on your face. 

*drum roll please...

I present to you... Naughty-Bun !!

it's a sweet bread with smoke beef and some-sort of mayo in the inside.

Did it make you smile?
if you smile or laugh.. then yes you have a dirty mind .. hahaha. when I post this pic on my Facebook I recieve a lot of "LOL" "LMFAO" comment.
if you don't get what so funny about it? well then... ask your adult friend or you brother about it :-D

Have a good day

Ms. S

May 03, 2011

Talaga Sampireun

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Last Sunday I went out with my family to Telaga Sampireun to celebrate my 1year old nephew birthday. We went to this restaurant in Bintaro Sector 7 area. Telaga Sampireun, I never been/heard about this place before, it was my first time. It's the same owner/concept with Kampung Sampireun in Garut. I heard about Kampung Sampireun cus' it's unique concept and when I have the time I would really like to go there, but Telaga Sampireun.............................. here we go..

dining cottage on the man-made lake

The place is quite big, they have indoor restaurant/cafe, dining cottage, jogging track and a kids area to play.
We reserve the cottage area, with minimum payment for Rp. 500.000, approx $50 (food/drinks) but of course it its a family event, it will cost more then that.
The place is very quite, very relaxing... you can hear the water drizzle, the fishes splash. So peaceful. We order food, most of the food are seafood!!!! I love seafood!! shrimps, calamari, fish... and more! nyum

all this food.. times 2!
After we had our lunch... I sat near the lake.. watching and I start to feel a bit sleepy, afraid that I fell asleep and roll myself unconsciously towards the lake.. to keep myself awake, I start feeding all the fishes! I don't know why, but I get soooooo excited about it! (they sell the fish food, you're not allowed to fed the wish with random things from your plate) :-)


It was a great Sunday Family time... and can't wait for tomorrow heading to the center of Jakarta Metropolitan City with it's fresh polluted air to work....

How was your Sunday?


May 02, 2011

Royal Trends

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Nowadays I've been working for so many hours, I barely have time to relax and whenever I had a few hours free from what I do. I sit in front of my computer office, reading blogs and blog. I need massage and couple of cocktail soooo bad! *whine
Anyway, today I want to tell you about what I notice when I watch the Royal Wedding (yeess.. I'm still on my RW fever) so I'll keep on posting about what I found interesting and how it inspire me to find my prince charming dashing prince. :-P NO, just kidding.

So this is what I found to be the Fashion Trends of The Royal Wedding:
  1. Fascinators, (a.k.a Hats). I envy the UK ladies for that day! have you seen it? it's sooo fabulous I want one, or two.. or a closet full of it! and sure I can't really say that these lovely fascinator are trend cuz it said on the invitation that you must wear one, but I can say it will lead to a world fashion trends.
  2. Nude lipstick.. oh yes. The nude matte lipstick are still in.
  3. Nude color shoes.
This is a few of my fav "Fascinators"

Sophie Winkleman
Prince Albert of Monaco Fiancee
Earl Spencer's Daughters

Regardless, not all the royal guest are fabulous... some are ridiculous. Maybe it's just me.. but I think .. it's just ugly. sorry :-/

Princess Eugenie and princess Beatrice

ok first of all.. Princess Eugenie you could pick a better dress to match your fascinator, Yes your hat/fascinator/hairpiece whatever is over the top but I think with the right dress you could still pull that look.
second, Princess Beatrice, what are your thinking picking a cockroach-like-fascinator???? remind me when Lady Gaga when she wore the Lobster-fascinator-hat??? it makes your eyes dark and you look pale and grumpy.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

and last..... Tara Palmer, I just think.. she's so bluueee... way too blue.

Nuf said.

haha.. I know I being a bit mean, but seriously...
Anyway, have a gud night.. and I can't wait to fashion myself with a fascinator soon... can't wait!!


May 01, 2011

Royal Wedding

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

dam dam taraaaa.. dam dam taraaaaaa
It's the most anticipated wedding of the century !!!!

It's the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William and Catherine Middleton
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Yes, I admit... I am one of those 2 billion people worldwide who watch this historic celebration. I stop whatever I was doing at work, come rushing to the reception area and watch! Yes, I know some people might think this is just silly, there's more important things happen to the world and I caught up with this Royal Wedding.

Prince William look dashing in his Irish guard uniform
for me personally I watch it out of curiosity and I have to be honest, it brings out my childhood princess fantasy. I like this couple. I think they're really in love. This wedding is kinda like a fairytale drama, both young, in love, prince and a commoner, English monarchy, politics, and more. A lot is at risk for both of them. Can they handle the pressure? will them break apart or not. Will they end-up like his parents? uncles? ................... I hope not.
When I watch the event on TV, I can't help but notice small things my curious eyes caught and made me think "Oh! how cute". Such as their hidden smile, when he blushes, when Kate said "I'm happy", when Prince William said "I love you".. aaawwwwwwwwww

Kate reception dress

Now, let's talk about the dress.. yeeessssss....! I like Kate's wedding dress! such a beauty!! the laces and I love how simple it is! So elegant, the cut, the details. ooohhh work of perfection! no wonder it's cost so much haha. Well done Sarah Burton. But for Kate's reception dress, the diamante embroidered waist made Kate's really look skinny. :-( it's still beautiful but it wont be my choice.
And for Prince William.. ay yay mami.. I love men in uniform hahaha. he looks hot, tho' I heard a lot of people make fun of his hair. :-/ but I don't mind. I still think he look super "dashing" (yes! DASHING, I will used that word a lot now!! hahaha)
I was so shock when I found out that Kate did her own make up! I have to tell you, that the more I read, watch about this couple, the more I fell in love! so humble! Lady Di, really did a great job!

Prince Will reception black tuxedo
Oh! did you know, that after the wedding.. Prince William ask the paparazzi not to "attack:" Kate, he doesn't want what happen to his mum happen to his beloved wife. Awesome!
Did you know? When Kate walks down the aisle she will be the oldest Royal bride to get married.
I pray for them to be strong!! and hope they have a bright future and will be the next face of the new English monarchy.