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May 01, 2011

Royal Wedding

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

dam dam taraaaa.. dam dam taraaaaaa
It's the most anticipated wedding of the century !!!!

It's the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William and Catherine Middleton
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Yes, I admit... I am one of those 2 billion people worldwide who watch this historic celebration. I stop whatever I was doing at work, come rushing to the reception area and watch! Yes, I know some people might think this is just silly, there's more important things happen to the world and I caught up with this Royal Wedding.

Prince William look dashing in his Irish guard uniform
for me personally I watch it out of curiosity and I have to be honest, it brings out my childhood princess fantasy. I like this couple. I think they're really in love. This wedding is kinda like a fairytale drama, both young, in love, prince and a commoner, English monarchy, politics, and more. A lot is at risk for both of them. Can they handle the pressure? will them break apart or not. Will they end-up like his parents? uncles? ................... I hope not.
When I watch the event on TV, I can't help but notice small things my curious eyes caught and made me think "Oh! how cute". Such as their hidden smile, when he blushes, when Kate said "I'm happy", when Prince William said "I love you".. aaawwwwwwwwww

Kate reception dress

Now, let's talk about the dress.. yeeessssss....! I like Kate's wedding dress! such a beauty!! the laces and I love how simple it is! So elegant, the cut, the details. ooohhh work of perfection! no wonder it's cost so much haha. Well done Sarah Burton. But for Kate's reception dress, the diamante embroidered waist made Kate's really look skinny. :-( it's still beautiful but it wont be my choice.
And for Prince William.. ay yay mami.. I love men in uniform hahaha. he looks hot, tho' I heard a lot of people make fun of his hair. :-/ but I don't mind. I still think he look super "dashing" (yes! DASHING, I will used that word a lot now!! hahaha)
I was so shock when I found out that Kate did her own make up! I have to tell you, that the more I read, watch about this couple, the more I fell in love! so humble! Lady Di, really did a great job!

Prince Will reception black tuxedo
Oh! did you know, that after the wedding.. Prince William ask the paparazzi not to "attack:" Kate, he doesn't want what happen to his mum happen to his beloved wife. Awesome!
Did you know? When Kate walks down the aisle she will be the oldest Royal bride to get married.
I pray for them to be strong!! and hope they have a bright future and will be the next face of the new English monarchy.


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