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April 27, 2011

INAcraft 2011

Dear Mr. Cocktail,


It was a bright sunny hot day in Jakarta, perfect day to spend my long weekend outdoor...  and go to the National Museum or so I thought. but since my friend bailed on me, I went to INA CRAFT 2011 instead. I went with my cousin Ms. Ls and I know it's not the right time for me to splurge myself with handmade jewelry..(haven't got my salary yet! haha) :-P

Oh yes, Inacraft is Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair, which held annually in April.

So as you can imagine heaps of beautiful handicraft jewelry, bags, clothes, furniture, housewares product. It's not just from Indonesia, I saw Myanmar handmade jewelry booth etc, but I went crazy when I came across the India booth & I have to be honest.. I'm having bollywood fever... the earrings, necklace, and whatever-they-called it... is soooooo beautifuuullllllll..!! too bad since they not from around they can't accept credit card or debit card, only cash. dang! so I left the booth feeling blue..

silver handicraft

children's handicraft..

handbags/purse from snake and frog skin?

one of my fav booth! literary went crazy overboard

Me and my cousin lost track of time, until our tummy rumbling and our feet sore from walking around. The place is so big, I hardly able to wander around with both of my feet and tummy scream in protest. So we went out and it's Lunch time. We stop by at this hotdog place... and what took our attention aside from it's outside the food-court area.. I was drooling for those huge dog! hahaha
look at those!!!! NYUM
ehmm... I know what you're thinking haha
after we had our lunch we decided to end our shopping madness... we're tired, it's crazy hot out side.. our feet are sores... 
I didn't come home empty handed. This is what I bought...

Oversize cobra skin clutch

Silver earrings

Sweet cream rose ring

Turquoise blue bracelet

Hope you had a great nite..


April 19, 2011

Color Blocking

Dear Mr. Cocktail

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging for awhile now.. so much to update on.
I've been tasting on new cocktails but I haven't had the chance to take pictures and tell you all about it.
But I'll promise you I will :-)

One of work colleagues got married last Sunday, I went to her wedding wearing my fav Moroccan Kaftan.
I love this kaftan cus' of the shocking color! bright shocking pink gradation and shocking baby blue embroidery . I'm so in love with Maroccan kaftan at the moment, and it's quite challenging to find here, since mostly it's sold out.. :-( but from now on, whenever I found one.. great mix-color. IT'S MINE
My sister did all the hair and make up.. Thx sis <3

while we're on a fashion page, I help a friend, she works for XSML Indonesia Twitter.
it was Oscar season and womens day. So I modeled for one of their red dress.

@ GLAMOUR! Our red silk gown is an for less! Anne Hathaway's elegance is perfect for Womens Day!

this is not the one they posted it. but I just love this pic
Thats all for now, have a good day