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November 11, 2011

Birthday Baking

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

I've been super busy lately and I'm sorry for neglecting you.. but I promise I will update you to all the things that had happen in my life.

Starting with... the First time I bake a cupcake! ever!
I love baking and I'm quite good at cookies and pound cake. but I never made any cupcake before..

I got out of the hospital and 2 week later it was my B'day. (I'll post my hospital moments later on)
SO.. B'day celebration id the perfect time to try making some cupcake.

Note: a day before my bday I try to bake a raspberry cheese cake, FAILED. made a mess of myself, was so tired from work and in a hurry this suppose-bly easy recipe ended up a disaster.  I will make another one soon!!

White chocolate raspberry cheesecake by Nigella
The next day my sister gave me her cupcake oreo recipe. She's not the baking type of girl.. she's more of the love eating kinda girl and sheee looovveeeeeeee oreo cheese cake. She ask me to make one.

I look at the recipe and something not quite add up so I made an adjustment for the frosting. Instead of  4 cup of sugar I just use 2 cups of sugar. I think it's too sweet for any-one taste..?? I'll die of sugar rush hahahaha.. aniweeeeey....

this is how it looks at the end
I try my best making it in the morning.. and it end up.. "wasn't that bad" a lot of people seems to like it.. but I need to practice more.

me & my sister the one whoo loovveeeeeeees to eat. lol

and when I found the perfect oreo cupcake I will share it to you... :-)
have a great day and stay healthy.. much love


October 06, 2011

Recent Purchase: Geeky Glasses

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Last weekend I went to this shopping center called Ambasador. I wasn't feeling really good.. my calf was sore and my foot are aching from last night dancing + heels. Only sleep for couple hours then of I go with my mum, sister and her husband...

I promise myself to control my shopping spree.. and obviously FAILED.

One of the things that I bought was this white geeky glasses. My first option was the round glass with black frame.. kinda like harry potter glasses but wee bit larger. I ended up looking like a turtle wearing glasses hehe, so I pick the smaller round-white dove glasses instead.

with much styling and creativity
I ended up looking like this at work..

I look like Ugly Betty Japanese version :-D

It's hard for me to find the perfect sunnies/glasses. I have a "unique" face shape..
and I'm done trying to look cool like most people do when they where glasses.. I just embrace my weirdness quirkiness



September 28, 2011

Cloud Gazing

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

taken by F415ALL mobile picture, specially for me <3
I love to cloud gaze.
Those who know me well, realize from the amount of cloud picture I have on my phone.
A dear love of mine knows this and took a picture while he was on the plane, don't worry the plane didn't crash or anything.. the phone was on airplane-mode.

taken from my mobile

I even have a iCloud app on my iPod

cloudy day, taken by my mobile

Everday I sat on my chair, working.  I always let myself to look on my right
waiting.. for the most beautiful cloud that pass-by

and when it's there.. I will gaze and daydream.

afternoon light, taken by my mobile
It's Sunset
I could see all the colors that my mobile failed to capture
I see orange
I see pink
I see purple
and a hint of greyness

I always feel like such a lucky girl and how small I am in this world every time I could gaze.
One of the simple things in life that always make me smile
don't you?


September 22, 2011

Bloggers Inpired: 2 *Nails*

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

I finally made the glitter nails inspired from Cupcakes and Cashmere post Mermaid Nails
I have red and pink glitter and ended up using the red glitter.. should've tried the pink one for "statement"

It's still look fabulous..
have you done you nails lately???


September 15, 2011

MB Wedding Reception

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Here's some of M & B wedding reception photos thats lonngggggg over due. *sorry



sorry for the delays, I try to keep up.

PS: I didn't took the photos the wedding photography did. Which one I'm not so sure.. haha


September 06, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Dear Mr Cocktail,

Today is My BIRTHDAY.. 

I know I'm behind with all the blog stuff. I was hospitalize for a week and in recovery for 2 weeks.
So I haven't been able catching up with that hot in the blog-world. But I promise I will catch up soon. 
giving up date and reading al the blogs I've been following.
And I'm re-designing my blog look. 

Wish me all the best and the speedy recovery.


August 17, 2011

MB Wedding Ceremony

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

The weather was humid, I could feel the sweat dripping on my back
It was Saturday afternoon, standing outside the bride family house. All the groom family and bestman lining in pairs.We bring gifts and goods. .. waiting and waiting for the bride family ready to welcome us. 

The Sundanese music start, it's show time!

The Akad Ceremony

Ijab Kabul
The New Mr & Mrs. R

Throwing lucky coins for the singles

Sharing a piece of chicken

The Happy Couple
The Happy Mr. B
Me & The Newlyweds
I wish my nephew & my bestfriend all the best in their future life. Full with laughter and happiness.



August 01, 2011

Hens Night

So Dear Mr. Cocktail,

My Sister and  Ms. M my bestfriend are married now (so it's Mrs. M now).
My sister got hitched with this lucky guy she's been dating for almost 7 years
and my best friend tying the knot with my Nephew. They met while Mr. B (my nephew) is visiting Indonesia when he's on his Asian trip after finishing his Uni.

Mr. B and Mrs. M wedding is a week before my sister !!!! 2 family weddings in a row
It's a non-stop Celebration !! it's the wedding season.

Being a gud and pervert sister I am. Mr. Ag & I arranged everything. From ordering the cupcake, handmade decoration and custom games. Since we are practically family (almost) Sister and M's hens night we celebrate it all in one day
With so little time we had, we thought it would be best to spend the money more on food and drinks. (We wanted to hire male stripper, but was over our budget) :-P

We decided the theme, the venue, the games, the food (we pick most of my sister fave food) and what the cupcake looks like (this cupcake, we have kept it hush-hush) we didn't tell a single soul. This Cupcake would be the highlight of the night, and it was.

"We ordered our cake from Cuppies Cupcakes" but their facebook page have more selection of cake and cupcakes.

I can't post much of the hens night pictures, I only can share the censored and sober pic.

The Theme was : Back to School

have to censor it a bit, but I hope you get the picture
we had to rename all the food just to make it funny

Mr. Ag and his partner were the only testosterone at the party
I'm a big fan of the little mermaid since I was like 7 yrs old
Just before the night ends
All the girls actually came with our old school uniform, which of course I can't show it. :-P 
I could get sued hahaha.. 

We drink, karaoke, twister, took plenty of pictures.. and play other things.. and as we predicted. The Cupcakes was a blast 

The night ended up fun and memorable.
now from the 8 of us (we've been friends since primary school) only 3 left single. 

Who is next???