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October 06, 2011

Recent Purchase: Geeky Glasses

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Last weekend I went to this shopping center called Ambasador. I wasn't feeling really good.. my calf was sore and my foot are aching from last night dancing + heels. Only sleep for couple hours then of I go with my mum, sister and her husband...

I promise myself to control my shopping spree.. and obviously FAILED.

One of the things that I bought was this white geeky glasses. My first option was the round glass with black frame.. kinda like harry potter glasses but wee bit larger. I ended up looking like a turtle wearing glasses hehe, so I pick the smaller round-white dove glasses instead.

with much styling and creativity
I ended up looking like this at work..

I look like Ugly Betty Japanese version :-D

It's hard for me to find the perfect sunnies/glasses. I have a "unique" face shape..
and I'm done trying to look cool like most people do when they where glasses.. I just embrace my weirdness quirkiness