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May 02, 2011

Royal Trends

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Nowadays I've been working for so many hours, I barely have time to relax and whenever I had a few hours free from what I do. I sit in front of my computer office, reading blogs and blog. I need massage and couple of cocktail soooo bad! *whine
Anyway, today I want to tell you about what I notice when I watch the Royal Wedding (yeess.. I'm still on my RW fever) so I'll keep on posting about what I found interesting and how it inspire me to find my prince charming dashing prince. :-P NO, just kidding.

So this is what I found to be the Fashion Trends of The Royal Wedding:
  1. Fascinators, (a.k.a Hats). I envy the UK ladies for that day! have you seen it? it's sooo fabulous I want one, or two.. or a closet full of it! and sure I can't really say that these lovely fascinator are trend cuz it said on the invitation that you must wear one, but I can say it will lead to a world fashion trends.
  2. Nude lipstick.. oh yes. The nude matte lipstick are still in.
  3. Nude color shoes.
This is a few of my fav "Fascinators"

Sophie Winkleman
Prince Albert of Monaco Fiancee
Earl Spencer's Daughters

Regardless, not all the royal guest are fabulous... some are ridiculous. Maybe it's just me.. but I think .. it's just ugly. sorry :-/

Princess Eugenie and princess Beatrice

ok first of all.. Princess Eugenie you could pick a better dress to match your fascinator, Yes your hat/fascinator/hairpiece whatever is over the top but I think with the right dress you could still pull that look.
second, Princess Beatrice, what are your thinking picking a cockroach-like-fascinator???? remind me when Lady Gaga when she wore the Lobster-fascinator-hat??? it makes your eyes dark and you look pale and grumpy.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

and last..... Tara Palmer, I just think.. she's so bluueee... way too blue.

Nuf said.

haha.. I know I being a bit mean, but seriously...
Anyway, have a gud night.. and I can't wait to fashion myself with a fascinator soon... can't wait!!


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