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November 10, 2010

Jakarta Fashion Week 2010 - 2011

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

I went to my first Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) - Ari Seputra on Monday.
A friend of mine got 2 invitation and he ask me to company him. I was not in my best mood that day.
I was tired from weekend and drama at work.

I was not in my good mood. I need to slap something.. or someone. like my HRD. I wish I can slap her. lol
*mind my temper. I'm on PMS

I did warn my friend Mr. Iz not to take all my sarcastic and cynical comment personally.. and I told him not to make any stupid jokes or annoying comment to trigger my temper.. hahahaha..but he did anyway.

So, he pick me up from office. We arrived at Pacific Place. Everyone dress-up and glam-up especially the Socialite all in red dress, gold jewelry and Christian Louboutin shoes. Red is the dress code for the party

Got in, seated. We sit at the back row. My eyes starts to wonder, looking and observing like I always do. I can see young designers sitting front row... and one of them is my all time favorite, Oscar Lawalata! I text my sister about it...

We waited for half an hour before the show start. The MC start to introducing the sponsors, Yayasan Jantung Indonesia's goal and the meaning of the the Red dress code (It's a warning for women to be aware for their health) They also explain that this show will also contribute for helping the victim of national disasters.

After awhile you can sense and see that a lot of people are getting restless, they want the show to start.. and at one point when the MC introduce one of the speaker who is quite important for the event (I forget her name) the media who are sitting at the end of the runway starts to "Yaaaaa"-ing. Not because they don't like the speaker but because they want the show to start. From my personal point of view, it's disrespecting.

Cut story short..

Opening number by Maera Panigoro, acoustic performance. She starts to sing "Bengawan Solo"
I really like this song. One of my favorite. She sing couple of song then the 12 supporting muses start to do runway.

They dim the lights, the visual starts to show pictures of Indonesian Heritage (Borobudur, Wayang). Then the music, it's Indonesian traditional instrument mix with electro beat (which I think is awesome, too bad I don't know who composed it)... Then the models enter.

Ari Seputra inspired by Indonesia traditional beauty. He uses a lot of batik. They style the models hair like Wayang. hummm... remind me a little bit like Amy Winehouse.

I do have to comment about how the girls walk. they're so stiff and wobbly or limping. I can't see enough fierceness in them, or maybe I watch too many ANTM hehehe..

Overall it was a good show.
and here some pictures to share..

The 12 Muses wearing Ari Seputra dress and Maera Panigoro

The hungry eyes of "paparazzi"

This have to be one of my fav design




  1. Random fact:

    Men are very attracted to women who wear red, so if you're single, you should wear red a lot!

    Damn.. I wish I had an invite to go. I would have been turned on the whole night! Hahahahaha

  2. good stuff! so you were seated in the VVIP row I guess?

  3. my mother works at Yayasan Jantung Indonesia
    This post made me smile :)

  4. really? was she at the fashion show?
    I hope it's a gud smile hehehehe.. *malu-malu


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