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November 26, 2010

ONROP Musikal

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Last Sunday I went with my friend Mr. Irz to watch Onrop Musikal by Joko Anwar at Taman Ismail Marzuki.

I have long waited to watch this show. Somehow I get all excited and hype. When I saw their rehearsal video and their audition video I found out one of my friend is one of the cast. she plays as the babysitter and one of the bum??
I ask my sisters and friends to come watch with me (this is before all the fusses begin) but no one gave an answer, except Mr. Irz.

... oh well ....

My mood have not improve that day, I was hoping that Onrop will change it.
I kept thinking about Mr. Sing, the surgery and family drama. huuuhhhmmpp... tired.

Mr. Irz pick me from my house. I was so tired, I slept in the car on our way to TIM.
when we got there, you can tell how overly excited Mr. Irz. He keep on talking on and ooonnn..made me even more crankier..
I was thankful when we got seated I can sit in silence. I can't wait for the show to start.


Onrop - Porno *spell backwards
(no wonder I enjoy this show hahaha )

a Love story

Taken place in Jakarta, Indonesia 2020. A time where the anti onropgraphy and onrop-action law have  deprive women, homosexual, artist and their rights to express.

Women must not show their bare skin, not allowed to show their sexuality and you can't express you affection in public. Homosexual are prohibited. Artist must not shown any nudity, sexual content in their arts, not even the word "nude".

Police Moral will arrest anyone who violates and will be exile to Onrop Island. Onrop Island is known to be this scary place full of criminals and people who live there are cannibal and such. But it's not!! it turns out to be this love free island where you can express yourself without worry. (the government doesn't know about this)

The adventure of Bram (a conservative guy, religious book writer) and Bram longtime girlfriend, Sari (young free-spirited girl, a rebel) with the accompanied of Bram personal assistant Amir (who is gay, pretended to be straight) begin when Bram got exiled to Onrop Island.

onrop audition and practice. youtube.

Onrop became the first theater work of writer and director Joko Anwar. He started working on this since 3 years ago. Joko Anwar feel the need to criticize about the new Indonesian Law about Pornography and Pornoaction. He feel annoyed that people in the government act as if it's "ok" to be intolerance for people to express themselves (agree!!)

Choreograph by Eko Supriyanto, he successfully made the show fun, energetic and lively. Nusantara Symphony Orchestra with conductor Indra Perkasa, all the talented cast of Onrop and the rest of the crew made the show a Big Hit.


The show was funny and provocative.. you can tell the audience loved it.
There's some sarcastic joke about recent political issues such as the "handshake" Mr. Tiff Sembiring, and "Gayus runaway to Bali", even on the song lyrics are a bit "naughty".. example:

"ini pengadilan terhormat, sering dijadikan tempat bisnis"
"This honorable court is often used as a place of business"

Not all song criticize about the corruption and the law. At Onrop island most of  the song is about love and religion tolerance.

"Buat apa kekerasan kalau kita bisa berkesenian"
"why need violence when we can be artistic"

"Pulau cinta, jangankan banci, orang sinting saja kami terima"
"love island, not just sissy, crazy people we accept"

(sorry for my rough translation)

Although there some minuses, like there's a problem with the sound system. Sometime I can't really hear what they were saying or singing.. and the dancing are not that synchronize. Predictable storyline but overall it was really GOOD. Really make you think about freedom of expression. Freedom of human rights.

I was laughing, giggling, smiling and thinking at the same time.

Onrop received a lot of good review from all sort of media. 

here's some review from TheJakarta post
and a few comment from twitter-land

@ms_citra: Done watching ONROP. Great script, awesome cast, cool setting, inspiring music, overall perfect combo of greatness!! Must see guys!

@Adriandhy: With it's production designs, choreography & satirical yet meaningful worthwhile script, Onrop! musikal was a brilliant social wake up call.

and many more, but i can't be bother copy-ing them all hehe

here's some picture..

my silver seat tickets
view from where I'm sitting. not bad 'eh
Bram, Sari and Police Moral. courtesy onropians
Bram and Sari. courtesy onropians

all cast. closing. the end.


It was afternoon when I got back home. I was still tired but my mood was so much better after the show
Mr. Irz drop me home... but before he let me go. He ask me a question..

"Oh! shit" that was my first reaction, I didn't say it out loud but I guess my face expression did.

"I want to ask you something I ask couple days ago"
"what was that???"
"what happen if I like you", he said

"WHAT!!! WTH", I scream inside my head. I tried my best to act cool.. but my nervous finger betrayed me.

 "humm.. you didn't ask me that couple days ago. If I'm not mistaken you ask me "what happen if someone older like you?" you didn't say You like Me..!", I said

"uhm.. yeah, ok. now you know. I like you"
"Thank you I guess"
"and.. I want to be your boyfriend"

(-___-!!)  ... suddenly I feel I'm back in highschool. I haven't been ask to be a girlfriend for a long time. Usually it just goes with time.  You get to know, you flirt, you like each other, you kiss.. sex.. the comes relationship or relationship then sex. That's how I usually do.. anyway.

"ehmm.. ee.. uhmmm" took me awhile to answer.
"I'm not looking for a relationship at the moment", I said. I lied.

"I think you should know from how I behave around you and other boys.. that I treat them as my friend. Only because, after my last break-up. I made a promise that I need to concentrate on Myself". again I wasn't being completely honest. I did. But now I have someone else that caught my attention. Of course I can't tell Mr. Irz that.. It'll broke his heart.. scratch that it'll broke his confidence.

"I notice that but I'll wait for you, I'll wait until you're ready"

Shit! I should have been honest with him.

"don't!! you'll waste your time.. I don't need any boys drama at the moment", I have plenty already without you adding it up..
"I understand, I've been there and now I don't want to be alone, I want to be with you"

"you're not listening"
"I listen"
"you listen but you're not hearing me! I want to be alone now."
"Good for you that you've been there and done that. But I haven't and don't wait for me, please don't wait", I said

At that moment I was panicking. I don't know what to say. I'll feel so bad if I tell him the truth.
"I don't like you, not even a little. I have no sexual desire towards you at ALL!!" and I know for sure in the future I wont change my mind. Your presence didn't make my heart race, my body temperature rise, my armpit sweats.. or my vagina twitch. hahaha.. *very vulgar ( I didn't tell him this )

he look at me with sad face.. hoping I'll change my mind

so I say, "I consider you as a friend. I like you.. as a friend"
"I just don't.." I can't finish my sentence at that point. I don't have the heart.

I look at the window... thinking what should I do now...
My fingers start tapping randomly... nervous? yes.

I start making fun of the awkward situation.. he start to relax a little
I smile and I thought.. that I need to take time off from him. Give him a little distance..

"can I go now?", I ask
"yes .... "

we kiss on both cheek - to cheek (typical Hi and Goodbye in Jakarta)

I left his car

I feel bad.. but hey.. at least I was nice. I try to..
but I think I should be more honest next time.

I got home..

5 minutes later

*one new message*

"I just got home, I really enjoy onrop. what are you doing?", Mr. Irz



Nite2 :-P


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