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November 16, 2010

Tik Tik Tik

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

I sit alone in my room
I can hear the raindrops outside my window
I lay awake on my bed


Tik tik tik

What is that sound?
Raindrops? clock?

Tik tik tik

"Should I?" I ask myself
I hold my phone preciously, as if made of diamond
Should I? or should I not?

Tik tik tik

I like him, does he likes me back?
Will I disturb him? will I annoy him?

Tik tik tik

I could still hear the rain
I could still smell the fresh scent

My thumb lay quietly on the buttons
Synchronizing my brain and my heart

Tik tik tik

"don't text him", said Brain
"but, I want to", answered Heart
"why?", asked Brain
"I like him", said Heart shyly
"make him wait"
"I'm afraid I'll miss my chance if I do"
"humm.. what if you're wrong", Brain start to analyze
"what should I do?"
"I don't know I'm just a Brain"
"and I'm just a heart'

Tik tik tik

God, please help me

Tik tik tik

I put my phone down
I close my eyes
I let the soothing sound of rain and scent drift me away

Tik tik tik

I pray that he misses me
So, I wait..

and wait

Tik tik tik


Tik tik tik

I fell asleep

Tik tik tik

Mr. Sun in up
His warm golden shine caress my cold cheek
I look at my phone


Tik tik tik

It's him


  1. It's him! :-)

    I know the feeling, it's heaven!

    Thanks for dropping by the site, following you now! :-)

  2. Feeling so miserable at first, but then in ecstasy just by a text.

    thank for following. You're blog is inspiring
    love it!


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