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June 28, 2011

Bloggers Inpired: 1 *Nails*

 .Dear Mr. Cocktail,

I followed heaps of bloggers from blogspot + bloglovin. From fashion blogger to lifestyle blogger. I basically follow people who I think is interesting.

This couple of weeks I got inspired with the different/gradation nail polish + glitter
Thanks to Vicky from bikini and passports and Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere for their inspirational glitter nail post on their blog, I will soon try it myself..

But last night I got back from work.. I start to do my own version of red-pink nail color
sorry I can't find the blogs that inspire me to do this version :-(

Bullish on OPI & Fellin Hot Hot Hot OPI
Now I can't wait to try the glitter-nail and tomorrow is a Holiday!! yippey..

Have a good nite!



  1. Oh pretty, I like both the colors! :) Let's follow each other. I'm following you now :)

  2. lovely colours!xx


  3. Oh love both colors!The pink one is my favourite!
    Happy weekend!

  4. What a beautiful color! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxoxoo

  5. so lovely! i like your blog, and those photos are great! and you write so nice. :')

    http://thepileofstyle.blogspot.com/ <--- MOI


  6. Good idea, I think I'll be trying the glitter-nail too!! :)

  7. I love your nails! OPI is my favorite brand, currently having a love affair with their shatter polish, which is so much fun to watch pull apart as it drys.

  8. Nice nail colours!


  9. I love the colours soo much!

    Come to my new fashion blog
    And follow if you like my blog

    xoxo, Gloria♥

  10. I love those blogs! And I love yours.

    I found you in my followers and wanted to drop by and see who you were.

    I love your blog. The idea behind it is really cute and funny!

    Just wanted to show your blog some love because I know how important feedback is! Hope to hear from you soon!

    (Oh, and thanks for following... Seriously.)

  11. SOOOO pretty!!! you should probably do my nails every day :)
    LOVE your blog. Following!

  12. Nice colors! Hope you had a great holiday! (:



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