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July 18, 2011

Bettys Macaroons

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

My Brother was here couple weeks ago, he flew all the way to Indonesia from England just to bring me Bettys Macaroons.... No, just kidding.

He was here to attend his son, my nephew wedding ( he is marrying my best-friend since primary school ) (huh?)
hahaha.. It's quite complicated. Me and my Brother are 20-30yrs old age different.. you do the math. :-P

But I'll tell you about my family tree another time.
my first ever macaroons
When he was here, he brings me these Bettys Macaroons. Handmade..
He told me the history about Bettys cafe, how when he was young he like to go to Bettys, how it reminds him of his childhood memories.. how Big and expensive Bettys have become.

I never had/eat macaroons before .. it's not something you can found easily in here. I'm sure they have it in certain places, but I just never intrigue by it.
So, this was my first

And I can't wait to have my first bite . . .

lemon? chocolate? strawberry? green tea?? I hv no idea

So without further ado.. after my Brother left to the apartment he was staying.. I went to my room. I slowly open the wrapping paper. How cute it looks like. Love the summery colors.

I took it and adore it.
and I open my watery mouth.. and had my first bite.

"this is it ????"

I thought there would be magic when I ate it. I expect fireworks shooting out off my mouth

But nothing happen
I pick the yellow for my first option, I'm guessing it's Lemon from the sourness.

Curious, I pick the pink next, I assume its strawberry... taste a little better
then the green and ate the chocolate for last. AND I LIKE IT

I likey the chocolate !!

I finish it all, but I'm still curious . . I want more. I want to try more macaroons. I want to taste other flavors.

"Craviinnggsssss.. ! !" (little britain style)

Now I can't take this round beauty out of my mind.
Damn those macaroons!!!




  1. nom nom this looks very yummy. have you tried the La Durée macarons? they're stunning!

  2. I sooo want some macaroons! =)


  3. umm! I love Macarons! how delicious are they? :P



  4. Those macaroons are so divine, I should totally not be reading this now...

    Supper pangs are soon to follow! ;)

    The Cat Hag

  5. love macarons!!
    everyone it's so good, but my favorite is strawberry!
    how is green tea? i don't know, but it sound so good!



  6. omg they look delecious i rlllly wanna try the chocolate one hmm yummy :p


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