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January 31, 2011

Ending January

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

News Flash : I finally resign from my job.. and giving my resignation letter was not the hardest moment in my life. I felt free. and Yes. I also have got a new job starting the 1st of February.

Big news in my family this month! my younger sister is getting engage. Yey!!
Everyone is getting exited but since this is an Indonesia Traditional engagement don't expect booze laying around. It's very boring. People come to eat, gossip and our elders taking and introducing and giving advice.

The Sisters

The Lovely couple

my sister and her bestbud

with beloved friends since primary school
with beloved friends since primary school

My sister been going out with him for more then 7 years. SO, IT was about time they get engage and get married. It was a sweet happy day.. but I was tired.

I was not planning to go out later that night. I wanted to just be anti-social and sleep... but with a lot of persuasion from my friends. I went out that night.

Wearing my blue dress, grab a cab. Off I go to Immigrant.

Thought it was gonna be just another club night with my friends. Ended up one of the best night we've ever had. Everyone had a blast!! and I mean it! I don't know what made it so different.. but we just dance drink laugh. FUN.

*oh! I had a little bit of embarrassing moment. I slip on an empty beer bottle and fell elegantly. hahaha... :-D

All is well.

Great time to end the month. Full of celebration... 
Have a Good Nite


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