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January 31, 2011

Love Books

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

(I don't own this pictures, this is just some pics I have collected)

Did you know I have more then 200 books in my room only?

I love to read!!!
I love the smell of new books
I love the yellowish page
I love Old-hard cover books especially

I always dream that one day when I have my own place.. I want to have my own library. A reading place. My sanctuary

I just love when I read a novel, fantasy, adventure, biography, history, geography.. I love how they transport me to another world full of excietment. I love how the way the book teach me how to be wise.. be in someone else shoes.

Did you know I used to write/draw children story book? yes I did. :-)
I spend most of my money buying books, more books, and more shoes :-D

Have a lovely day


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  1. I don't have many books (other than the ones from school and Uni), but I do like the circle shelf.



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