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January 21, 2011

Durian Pancake

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Have you heard about 'Pancake Durian'?? or Durian fruit?
Not many people like durian, xpecial foreigner. You either love it or realllyy hate it! 

Durian Fruit
A lot of people can't stand the smell of this spiky fruit.. but for them who can stand the smell, oh this is sooo gud!!!
yes, ok! I am one of the freak who can eat durian. I can't stand eating stuff like worm, blood, frog, cricket, and all other weird food but YES! I have conquered The Durian! and I love it.

AND NOTE when you're eating durian! you are NOT allowed to drink ALCOHOL while eating or after. Because durian it-self contain alcohol! The mix of durian and alcohol in your system can give you heartburn/heart attack. If you still drink anyway.. well at least I try to warn (scare) you :-P
You'll get drunk if you eat to much durian and the hangover is not the same as drinking 15 shots of tequilla. trust me. I know. (not in a gud way)


My mum was in Medan (North Sumatra, one of the biggest island in Indonesia) recently and I ask her to bring me from Nelayan Restaurant my favorite dessert "Pancake Durian". I've tried other pancake durian from House of Durian also in Medan, but I much prefer the one from Nelayan.

Pancake? Durian?
I know.. weird innit. I think this is more like.. Crepe durian (they should call it Crepe not Pancake!).
Well it's another unique way to eat this exotic fruit :-D
I know about pancake durian when I visit Medan last year and my friends there suggest me to eat this.. and I did. And I fell in LOVE.

look like green pillow... delicious green pillow

whip cream, and durian. don't eat the seed tho'

The green crepe/pancake *whatever is made with flour and pandanus? with whip cream and durian fruit in the middle.

The combination made it so smooth and creamy. The crepe slice made it easy to eat, not as messy when you eat it without it and won't made your finger stink as much.

My sister, who also love durian, she prefer the old traditional way eating durian. Straight from the spiky thingy :-D She tried the pancake durian from House of Durian but she didn't like it.
So when I took this green delicacies out from the fridge, she can't help but wonder.. "what's that green pillow thing, look cute". I told her "pancake durian"
So she ask for half, "you can have the other half.. if I don't like it".
but at the end she finish it all.. hahaha and ask for more (damnit)

My mum only bought 2 portions. So I only have 4 pieces of pancake durian. 1 portion = 2 piece. 2 portions cost me Rp. 55.000 around 6/7 US$


I sat myself next to my sister and my mum watching the first audition of American Idol 2011 and eating my delicious pancake durian. NYUM!

Yoji "pop" Asano, laugh so hard watching him
Loving the quality time..

Have a great day



  1. Durian is a delicacy in the Philippines too! Though I'm not a personal fan of it.

    Those crepes/pancakes look so intriguing though!

  2. It taste good. and not smell as much. the whip cream and the crepe made the taste a bit sweeter then usual


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