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May 03, 2011

Talaga Sampireun

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Last Sunday I went out with my family to Telaga Sampireun to celebrate my 1year old nephew birthday. We went to this restaurant in Bintaro Sector 7 area. Telaga Sampireun, I never been/heard about this place before, it was my first time. It's the same owner/concept with Kampung Sampireun in Garut. I heard about Kampung Sampireun cus' it's unique concept and when I have the time I would really like to go there, but Telaga Sampireun.............................. here we go..

dining cottage on the man-made lake

The place is quite big, they have indoor restaurant/cafe, dining cottage, jogging track and a kids area to play.
We reserve the cottage area, with minimum payment for Rp. 500.000, approx $50 (food/drinks) but of course it its a family event, it will cost more then that.
The place is very quite, very relaxing... you can hear the water drizzle, the fishes splash. So peaceful. We order food, most of the food are seafood!!!! I love seafood!! shrimps, calamari, fish... and more! nyum

all this food.. times 2!
After we had our lunch... I sat near the lake.. watching and I start to feel a bit sleepy, afraid that I fell asleep and roll myself unconsciously towards the lake.. to keep myself awake, I start feeding all the fishes! I don't know why, but I get soooooo excited about it! (they sell the fish food, you're not allowed to fed the wish with random things from your plate) :-)


It was a great Sunday Family time... and can't wait for tomorrow heading to the center of Jakarta Metropolitan City with it's fresh polluted air to work....

How was your Sunday?



  1. It looks like a fabulous day!!

    I have always wanted to eat seafood on a kampong kelong. ♥

    Hehe, and I love feeding fish too. ;)

    The Cat Hag

  2. awe birthday fun times and what a cool restaurant! i love seafood too and everything looks delish. serene environment for sure, you are lovely enjoying time by the water with fish friends. happy weekend. ♥

    pea ess: thanks for your comment, glad you liked that video - it really blew my mind. some peeps are so creative.

  3. great review for the place,i've planned to go there looks like that place is suitable for short getaway so can relax and release your tense after week

    1. Hey Fajar,

      Hope you had a great time at Telaga and had a good time like I did.



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