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February 15, 2011

Cosmopolitan Cotton Candy Cocktail

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

It's been a busy February...

Start the new month in a new office, a new colleagues (most are men) not really a plus thing, since all of them are smokers.. I always smell like ciggies.. Yuck!

It's a new company so I have a Lot to contribute... arrange this and that. help this and that. and all the young ones calling me "Miss" hahaha..

Doesn't pay as much as my old ones... but I'm learning more here. or at least that what I'm telling myself. I hope in time, when I show my boss how hard working I am, I could get a raise. Oh! hell.. I've been working hard for this 2 weeks. I've work from 8.AM until 9 PM/10 PM/11 PM/12 PM.. heck once I even got home at 5 AM!! and just for your information.. my job it's still Legal. :-) nothing involve with prostitution :-P

meeting after meeting, bla blih bloh.
and I'm loving it. :-)
just a bit sad I can't draw or paint or read books as much as I want.
went to sleep straight after work.

One day,
a friend from Kuala Lumpur ask me to dine at Loewy
as busy as I am, I know I need to treat myself for something good...
I went straight to Oakwood at Mega Kuningan, which not far from where I work. Looking exhausted tired, was not feeling very sexy that day... but hell.. I need a glass of cocktail!

So, I got there and waited for my friend.
as soon as he spotted me, we went to Loewy aaaannnnd as usual, we need to wait for our table.
while waiting I ordered nachos with the salsa on the side and Cosmopolitan Cotton Candy!!!

I found out about Cosmo Cotton Candy long time ago when I went to Cork & Screw. Then the next time I was there I can't find it on the cocktail menu. They probably have removed it from their menu. So, I could never tell what it was like or taste like. But, strangely I found this pretty little drink at Loewy's.

With no hesitation I ask the waiter, "one cosmopolitan cotton candy"
I have no idea how it will look like and taste like.
but Oh Boy!! This baby is not disappointing. There's an actual Cotton candy in my cocktail glass!!! :-D
I feel like a grown-up kid.

The waiter pour the cosmo mixture on the cotton candy. (for show)
I know but I can help myself being entertain.

(I didn't bring my camera, so I used my phone camera instead)

Cosmo Cotton Candy, nachos, beer

Taste a mixture of orange, cotton candy sweet and cosmo. Taste better then a classic cosmopolitan.
 "me likey"

and after we nibble, drink, chat.
our table finally ready..

I order a Chicken Confit.
Roast chicken with beans, smoked beef, onion, garlic, potatoes and herb. The chicken was so tender I don't need my knife to cut it. Delicious! nyum!

Chicken Confit

"sorry, no picture of me please"
The food was good, the drinks was great!
A great day to end my terribly busy day..
I can't wait to have another Cosmo Cotton Candy..

Anybody care to join me?

have a great night



  1. Your meal looks fantastic, the drink is so uber cute, and I bet it tasted wonderful as well. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. The food is amazing! great food great drink! next Loewys trip bring great company + dress up


    have a great day


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