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September 04, 2010

Day with my Steve

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

It's been a hard month for me. Breaking up/on a break with someone is always hard, sad and hurts. Even tho' you know deep inside you're doing the right thing. But, being a woman.. your heart and head rarely think on the same page.

I wore my Steve Madden. Ready for drinks and pouring my heart out.

Cork & Screw, Shiraz & Triple Chocolate Melt.
After work I went with my colleague, Ms, K to Cork & Screw in Wisma Kodel. We decided to go there 'cus it's near from where we work, we just can't be bothered with the traffic & we had late dinner plan that night so going home sounds like wasting our time stuck in traffic jam.

We got there, we order drinks. I order Bailey on the rock (not in the mood to drink wine, wine make me sleepy) and I order this dessert Ms. told me that I have to try. "it's the best chocolate melt". Ms. K order a glass of Shiraz

The Triple Chocolate Melt!!!! is delicious! Nyum! it was sooo good I feel bad eating it. Around 6 pm, it start to get crowded. People coming in either to break fasting (I never tried the food, next time I will) or just relaxing after hard day at work.

and I have to say, the ambiance was cozy, not so dark - not so bright, the music was not too loud so you can still held a conversation, the service was excellent. lots of smile and very attentive. Thumbs up. The only creepy things is the security guy is keep on staring at our table. Maybe he grew suspicious on what I write all the time. But, still creepy...  

We talk about life and how I'm handling my break up/ on a break thing, talk about work and so on. After awhile, I ask for the menu. Feeling for some cocktail. Cork & Screw also serve beers, cocktail and mocktails. Took me couple of minutes to find the cocktail I haven't try before.. and I found "C.C.C.P" Classic Cosmo Cocktail with Cotton Candy (the cotton candy drew my curiosity). When I was about to order, my boss called Ms. K meeting at the The Ritz Carlton. :-/

Note to self: I need to had that C.C.C.P next time. We pay our bill, and off we go to the Ritz.

Cut story short, I'm able to spare some of my time to see my friend Asti painting exhibition at The Ritz Carlton. I promise her to visit :-) and I did. yey!!
after the meeting, Mr. K, my Boss and I went to Sunter for a late Indian food dinner at Queen's of India, Sunlake Hotel. It's quite far. When we got there as usual I order my fav non-spicy Indian food - Paneer makhani with Roomali and couple of Aloogobi.

finish dinner we went to Kemang for Shisha at The Little Baghdad, mint with sprite and couple of lemon slice - that's my usual shisha flavor. It's the perfect taste for a hot humid weather like Jakarta. We joke around and talk, taking pictures till 1.30 am. then I head back home...

On my way home, I kept on thinking.. about what happen in my relationship. Focusing on his negative, telling myself that I worth so much more (and I am). Telling myself, that I'm going to be fine (and I will)..

Got home, tired, sleepy and my foot are aching I went straight to bed, not looking forward to work the next day knowing after work a new drama is waiting for me. I close my eyes, tears falling on my pillow.

"I miss your kiss"



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