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February 09, 2012

Another Hens Night + Hair Bow

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

Costume party always been my favorite event. I really like to dress up, but I guess you have figure it out :-)
But, waiting for Halloween to come is waayy to long for me..
So, guess you can imagine how excited I was when one of my girl friend invite me to a Hens Night !!!

She was one of my friend since primary school, and one of the girls ask for my suggestion for the theme of the party, easyly I said, "back to the old days, 80's"

We are all born on the 80's-something and I thought it was just a fun theme.. (plus I love vintage stuff haha)
I was planning to look like Katy Perry on Last Friday Night Look, but change on the last minute to this:

I'm wearing my mum old jeans, vintage shirt, and my geeky glasses
I found a super cute Hair Bow tutorial on Youtube, it's suupppeerrr easy!!!
My bow-hair totally made my look, don't you think so??

Here's the video I was talking about;


 I really love this hair look, but I don't think this I can use this hair look daily.. and I can't wait to try this look again and "wow" my friends :-D

Gud night and sweet dreams..


  1. That hairdo is too cute! Wish my hair was longer! Just found your blog :) You're too cute!
    xo Heather

  2. YOU ARE SO CUTE. The hairbow is totally amazing and makes me wish I didn't chop off my hair recently. And I totally wish I had those oxfords!


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