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January 31, 2012

New Me, New Hair

Dear Mr. Cocktail,

How have you been? I've been good. Got my life back on track now.. and I hope it stays that way.
I'm still busy like always, but don't worry even tho' I'm a bad blogger but I'm still a loyal reader. I read all.. ALL blogs that I'm following hehehe... and I think it's about time for me to post something.

So, there something new about me...
I'm blonde!!!!!! yikes. ha ha

"toilet shot!!"
The last time I dye my hair was when I was still in junior high and that time I dyed my hair chocolate brown.. I never never dyed my hair with any bright color. this is my first time

So when I went to my friend Coco Carol Salon, when I got there the hairdresser called my hair "the Virgin Hair".. sound so saintly, and they're about to deflower my virgin hair :-P

They wash they dyed, and dyed .. it took them 5 hours. I was dying of boredom!!

I was freakin' out at this point (before the highlights)
after all the highlights and blow-dry. I'm finally blonde.

My family hated my new hair color hahahaha.. but my co-workers and most of my friend prefer me as blonde. They said it suits me better..

I never cared much about my hair, I just wash them and conditioner. Now, I have to treat my hair like princess.. give them hair treatment, hair spa, hair mask, vitamins oil just to maintain it silkiness.. it's so dry (I didn't bleach them. It was not necessary)

I just read Habibi Organic Beauty post, can't wait to try olive oil treatment for my hair :-)

Which one do you prefer? blondie me? or brunette me?

My old hair color
Have a great day,



  1. oh my gosh, what a beautiful and fresh new look! i adore the lighter color for a change and it really makes your eyes pop too. i've been through those looooong salon procedures before, it's worth it usually in the end but man is it ever a heck of a stint sitting down. kudos to you for lasting it out and on your stellar results. you look stunning lades!

    thanks for having me among your sidebar friends, that's super sweet!!! happy week wishes. ♥

  2. im liking the color change! sometimes that makes all the difference :)

  3. love the new lighter locks! i need to change up mine but always get so nervous!

  4. wow you look really great :) i recently dyed my hair to dark brown from dark blonde haha what a coincidence! :)
    followed you, follow back please?

  5. It looks really good, yay for a new look!!

  6. Way cute hair! I like it both blonde and brunette, you rock them both!


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